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FHOM-102 Hand-LWL-Multimeter mit 2,5mm+FC+SC+ST Steckverbinder
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FHOM-102 Hand-LWL-Multimeter mit 2,5mm+FC+SC+ST Steckverbinder

FS P/N: FHOM-102
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It integrates both an optical power meter module and a VFL module and can perform closed-loop tests by using both modules, and can also work individually.
According to the actual demand of the engineering construction personnel, JW3223 Optical Multi Meter adopts a single interface implementation of power measurement and visual barrier seeking technology for the first time. It solves the tedious in the maintenance of FTTX network, which greatly improves the efficiency of the work .


Note: Together with 2.5mm UPP adapter,FC,SC,ST areall interchangeable.
FC Used alone, it is not interchangeable,it is same to SC,ST,FC/APC,SC/APC etc.
LC adapter means FC male to LC female fiber adapter.
For more information about connector types, please contact sales@fs.com.
Power meter and VFL integrated in one unit, this tester allows to perform both optical power/loss measurements and Fiber faults tracing visually. ideal tester used in quickly mechanical splicing and FTTx networks. Optical Port: FC, SC, ST interchangeable supports various optical connectors.
Standard Packages
JW3223 VFL Power Meter, 3pcs alkaline batteries, User Manual, Cotton swabs and Soft carrying case.

Kind Note:

The Fiber Optic Multimeter is an integrated unit of power meter & light source, it can satisfy the user by providing a choice of greater convenience and more advantages. FS.COM can provide all this kind of products with one year warranty. If you are interested in the JW3223 Handheld Optical Multi Meter at a large quantity, please feel free to contact us at sevice@fs.com, we will provide you the best service and a special discount.

Fragen & Antworten

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  • Frage:

    This product states that it is a Visual Fault Locator. Can you advise the wavelength that the VFL emits and the power level of distance it covers. Does it come with 1.25mm and 2.5mm adaptor. aus Bill Die Frage beantworten

    aus Bill 30.11.2017

    Yes, the FHOM-102 integrates Power Meter and Visual Fault Locator in one unit. And the wavelength of VFL is 650nm, the testing distance reaches around 3km. It comes with 2.5mm+FC+SC+ST Connector. If you wanna connect with a LC interface, an 2.5mm to 1.25mm Fiber Optical Adapter can be used to realize it. Here is the recommended item #66804. aus FS.COM

  • Frage:

    the light source of FHOM102 is (1310/1550 nm)? any different between FHOM102 and FHOM103? aus Jonathan Die Frage beantworten

    aus Jonathan 21.09.2017

    Yes, the FHOM-102 is 1310/1550nm. It is the integration of power meter and light source, which can record, store and upload the test data through the instrument. It is widely used in fiber optic cable project construction, testing and maintenance, such as digital data networks, telecommunications networks, cable television, etc. As for FHOM-103, it is not presented on the website. I will update you more via email. aus FS.COM

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