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I would like to use a Single-Mode Connection for a Distance of 20 Meters. I prefer using #40205 20m (66ft) LC UPC to LC UPC Duplex OS2 Single Mode PVC (OFNR) 2.0mm Fiber Optic Patch Cable and #48929 Cisco GLC-LH-SM-20 Compatible 1000BASE-LX/LH SFP 1310nm 20km DOM LC SMF Transceiver Module. What Optical Attenuators do I need to use for this setup?

aus T***m am 27.10.2021

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I don't think an attenuator is needed in this case. The receiving optical power of the module is generally controlled at around -6, and the TX Power of this transceiver is -9.5 ~ -3dBm, it's okay to connect the transceivers with the cable directly. aus B***h am 29.10.2021

aus B***h am 29.10.2021