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We are researching a solution with which we can efficiently connect two data center locations, Two pairs of fiber-optic cables are available via two different routes; we want to divide the following requirements into these two routes: 1st approach (illustration of what we at least need today) - 8 x 10G for site networking via Brocade VDX - 4 x 16G for SAN (Netapp Metrocluster) 2. Approach: (what we will probably need in the medium term) - The 4 SAN connections will be replaced by 4 * 40G (possibly also 4 * 100G) (IP metro cluster) - of the 8 * 10G only 2 * 10G will remain, but 4x40G may also come with 4x100G)

aus H***n am 10.11.2021

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Regarding your requirements, FS will have professional technical teams who can provide tailored solutions for you. Our procedures are the following five steps: Design-Assembly-Configuration-Testing-Delivery. You can find more details of our solution cases by Interconnect Solution for Small and Medium-Sized Data Centers. aus FS.com am 11.11.2021

aus FS.com am 11.11.2021