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Hi, QSFP-40G-SR-BD, and QSFP-BIDI-40G, the model names are different, what is the difference between these two modules? Please tell us the specific differences and applications, thanks~

aus W***d am 25.04.2023

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QSFP-40G-SR-BD module is Cisco 40G BIDI module, which is a traditional BIDI module, while our QSFP-BIDI-40G is the introduction of Finisar manufacturer 40G SWDM4 module, these two modules are interchangeable in use.Cisco 40G BIDI module can refer to our QSFP-BD- 40G module. The advantages of our QSFP-BIDI-40G module and traditional BIDI module:
1. Longer transmission distance: SWDM4 module can transmit longer distance under OM3/OM4 fiber; it also supports using with OM5 fiber, which has longer transmission distance compared with OM3/OM4 under OM5 fiber.
2. with DDM: SWDM4 module with DDM, more convenient for monitoring and management.
aus FS.com am 30.04.2023

aus FS.com am 30.04.2023