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I’m looking to get a compatible transceiver that will go into our Mellanox switch and connect with a Cisco switch. The Cisco switch optic has a model number of AFBR-79EBPZ-CS2 and is a QSFP-40G-SR-BD type optic. This looks to be a 2x20G NRZ BiDi style module. If I wants to use 40G BIDI module to link Mellanox and Cisco equipment, do I need to replace the Cisco device with our 40GBASE-SR SWDM4 BiDi module

aus P***y am 24.05.2023

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Yes, you need to use our QSFP-BIDI-40G (ME) #137124/ #135552 (CO) for both ends of the device aus FS.com am 26.05.2023

aus FS.com am 26.05.2023
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