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For 40G. Do I need a 12 fibre cable or 8 fibre cable?

aus S***y am 06.12.2021

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40G transceivers that require fibre cables with MTP connectors only need 8 fibres to operate so it would make sense to assume that MTP cables for 40G transceivers have 8 fibre MTP connectors and use 8 fibre cable. However, MTP connectors are also used in 10G networking where the 12 fibre MTP connector is used along with 12 fibre cable. To make it easier for manufacturers, most only use the 12 fibre connector as this will work in all applications and then choose where to use this with either 8 fibre or 12 fibre cable. So a 12 fibre MTP cable with the correct polarity will work in exactly the same way when used in a 40G transceiver as an 8 fibre cable. The only difference is that 4 of the fibres will not be used (they will be dark). aus A***n am 07.12.2021

aus A***n am 07.12.2021