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Highly Integrated OTN System for Metro/Long Haul Networks

Common, Reliable & Scalable End-to-End WDM Solution

160KM Max. Transmission Distance

   960G Max. Transmission Capacity

Application Areas
  • Enterprise Networks
  • Storage Area Networks
  • Data Centers
  • Healthcare
  • Video Surveillance
  • Education
Application Areas
  • Enterprise Networks
  • Storage Area Networks
  • Data Centers
  • Medical
  • Video Surveillance
  • Education

What is the WDM Transport Platform?

The WDM Transport Platform is the end to end transmission solution that is designed primarily to address the
growing needs for optical transmission link. Standard solutions can be purchased directly online if the system
characters make you satisfied. Personalized solutions can also be customized to fit your own requirements.
WDM Transport Platform provides all the capabilities needed for flexible and future-proof networks.
  • Reliability

    Designed to perform at 99.9% and above availability, depending on configuration.
  • Flexibility

    Providing customer flexibility by supporting multiple Interfaces to meet business application needs.
  • Operational Simplicity

    Hot-swappable and replaceable on-site without impacting the running data communication.
  • Ease of Management

    Monitored 24/7 network control center includes fault management of network transport alarms and surveillance.
50KM Distance
180G Capacity

18 Channels CWDM Transport Platform

The 18 Channels CWDM Transport Platform provides a cost-effective plug and play embedded CWDM platform combining the features of a traditional CWDM system with the simplicity and cost advantages of an active multiplexer. It addresses growing demands for scalability, flexibility and cost efficiency.
This transport platform takes 18CH DF CWDM MUX DEMUX and OEO equipment to realize the 50km link transmission in dual fiber bidirectional end-to-end connection mode.
120KM Distance
160G Capacity

16 Channels DWDM Transport Platform

As a long haul DWDM tranmission solution, 16 Channels DWDM Transport Platform is also designed as a scalable transport system, offering a hitless upgrade from 16 to 32 DWDM channels that can readily accommodate future traffic growth.
This transport platform takes 16CH DF DWDM MUX DEMUX, DWDM EDFA, DCM equipment to realize the 120km link transmission.
100KM Distance
400G Capacity

40 Channels DWDM Transport Platform

The 40 Channels DWDM Transport Platform builds on key design philosophies such as low power, highly integrated and a high level of scalability. No messy wiring between pluggable modules, no additional knowledge or spares handling usually associated with the bigger systems. Instead, it provides everything required for an open line networking system.
This transport platform takes 40CH DF DWDM MUX, DWDM EDFA, DCM equipment to realize the 100km link transmission and 400 Gbps capacity transmission.
100KM Distance
960G Capacity

96 Channels DWDM Transport Platform

The 96 Channels DWDM Transport Platform embedded intelligent DWDM multiplexer, integrated amplification, dispersion control, and system management in a 2U 8 slots chassis. It becomes even easier to right-size the network, matching the requirements for high density as well as space.
This transport platform takes 96CH DF DWDM MUX, DWDM EDFA, DCM equipment to realize the 100km link transmission delivering up to 960G.

Accelerate Innovation with Bespoke Solutions from FS

Optical transmission solutions tailored to your network needs.

  • Online Project Inquiry
  • Network Design and Optimization
  • Complete Solution Diagram
  • Whole Set Order
  • Installation and Support Service
Frequently Three Customization Options
  • 01
    Q: How many spans do you have, and how far between them?
    Specific distance is needed to estimate whether DCM is needed to compensate the link.
  • 02
    Q: What's your fiber type and the link loss(typical 0.25dB/KM)?
    Our solution can be tailored to both dual and single fiber type. And link loss is necessary for collocating the most appropriate products.
  • 03
    Q: What's the data rate of each span and how many businesses will be transmitted?
    The acquisition of capacity data rate is beneficial to choose particle MUX or OADM to meet current transmission and future expansion.

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