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ISP Network

WDM FMT System Management Operation Guide

WDM FMT System Management Operation Guide

DWDM technology can expand the capacity of an existing optical network without adding extra fibre cables. FS Multi-service Transport (FMT) system offers a flexible and high-density networking solution for long haul DWDM network. This page consists of six videos that demonstrate how to manage the FS Multi-service Transport (FMT) system through different ways, including local management on the Network Management Unit (NMU) card, and software management via Monitor Online. Before demonstrating how to monitor our FMT system, we build a sample DWDM optical network, which simulates the real case in long-distance transmissions but may differ from real ones in some details. You can watch the video in a sequential way or just watch the part that you want to know about.

FS Official 30 Jun, 2018

The first video demonstrates how to operate the FMT NMU card to achieve local management and the sample DWDM optical network is presented in this part.

FS Official 30 Jun, 2018

The second video introduces preparations before logging into the Monitor Online management system, including assigning IP addresses, pinging test and enabling SQL services.

FS Official 30 Jun, 2018

The third video guides how to make use of the security features in the menu of the Monitor Online software. The video includes three segments: system management, user management and data security.

FS Official 30 Jun, 2018

The fourth video tells how to establish the network topology tree in the system configuration. This procedure is indispensable if users want to manage devices via the monitor online software.

FS Official 30 Jun, 2018

Watching the fifth video can know how to enter the EDFA/OEO/OLP line card monitoring interface, and how to view or edit some parameters of each line card.

FS Official 30 Jun, 2018

The above video is the six part of the WDM FMT system management operation guide, which demonstrates how to view and manage alarm events and records of the system. This function will help users to sort different alarm types.

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