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Surveillance Network Design with FS Fiber to Ethernet Media Converter

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Nowadays, the video surveillance network is a key component in providing real-time monitoring and security for many businesses and organizations. However, for the IP cameras or other video surveillance devices that do not have fiber optic ports, the conversion from copper to fiber is necessary. Considering this, FS has built a safe and efficient surveillance network for the clients with fiber to Ethernet media converters.


1. There are four floors in the company's building and the distance between the server room and offices is 210m. The client already has a Huawei 10G SFP+ network switch in place, which needs to link a couple of DC-powered APs and several network video recorders. The problem is to find a budget-friendly way to link the 10G SFP+ switch with the APs and network video recorders. As the 10G media converter is too cost-prohibitive, is it possible to limit the bandwidth on the Huawei switch port to 1G?
2. The connection from the 3rd floor to other three floors should be achieved by MTP cabling and FHD cassettes to simplified cabling, but how to ensure the right polarity?


Since 1G data rate can currently satisfy their network requirements, we suggested the client to limit the speed of Huawei 10G switch to 1G per port. So the more affordable 1G fiber media converter can be deployed to convert optical signal to electrical signal for connecting network video recorders and APs.



    The media converter is used for bridging the fiber and Cat6 cabling and extending the transmission distance. Thus the network video recorder can be connected with the switch to monitor the offices and Wi-Fi can be provided to every office.


    As for the cabling between the 3rd floor and the other three, 12-fiber MTP to 6×LC cassettes are used to convert the 12 LC fibers in each floor to a MTP trunk cable. And Type A MTP cassettes, Type A MTP-12 trunks and Type AF MTP cassettes are applied for proper polarity management. The MTP connectivity greatly simplifies troubleshooting and future maintenance.

HW 0231A0A6 Compatible 10GBASE-SR SFP+ 850nm 300m DOM LC MMF Transceiver Module

17,00 €

1ft (0.3m) Cat6 Snagless Unshielded (UTP) PVC CM Ethernet Network Patch Cable, Blue

1,70 €

Customised Duplex OM4 Multimode LC/SC/FC/ST/LSH Armoured 3.0mm Fibre Optic Patch Lead

7,10 €

Customised 8-144 Fibres MTP®-12 OM4 Multimode Elite Trunk Cable, Magenta

49,00 €

Customised FHD MTP® to LC/SC OM4 Multimode Cassette, 0.35dB max

80,00 €

FHD High Density 2U Rack Mount Enclosure Unloaded, Sliding Drawer, Holds up to 8x FHD Cassettes or Panels, 288 Fibres (LC)

165,00 €


FS successfully helps our customers to extend the transmission distance beyond a Cat6 patch cable can reach by using media converters to transform optical signals into electrical signals and establish a secure and efficient surveillance network. The media converter is an ideal and simple solution for those small business networks wanted to integrate fiber cabling and copper-based network devices.

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