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Data Centre Infrastructure Products

Shape a flexible, resilient and efficient data centre to thrive in future challenge.

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A modern data centre is never complete. At FS.COM, we understand the importance of readying your data centre for higher speed, better scalability, more capacity and lower total cost. Whether you're an enterprise, a multi tenant, a service provider or a cloud provider data centre, we can provide you with the finest end-to-end solutions to transform your current facility into the connected and efficient data centre of tomorrow.

Our Data Centre Products

Fs Data_Center_Products_01.jpg

Interconnect Optical Solution

Bring fast speed and fully compatibility to your network switches with our high quality fibre optic transceivers, DAC and AOC cables.

Fs Data_Center_Products_02.jpg

Fibre Cabling System

Create a Modular cabling environment within your data centre to accelerate application deployment, reduce costs, and streamline fibre cabling operations.

Fs Data_Center_Products_03.jpg

Copper Cabling System

Improve operational efficiency and control costs with our copper cabling solutions that offer a simplified experience for deployment and management.

Fs Data_Center_Products_04.jpg

Network Switches

Deliver a comprehensive 10/40/100G switching options for small & large data centres with multi-function management solutions.

Fs Data_Center_Products_05.jpg


Gain efficiency and more control with our diverse KVM switches that provide a cohesive, unified and simplified solution to manage your devices.

Fs Data_Center_Products_06.jpg

Power System

Without power, even the modern data centre can break down. FS.COM PDU & UPS power system can help to provide sustainable and efficient electricity for your IT equipments.

Fs Data_Center_Products_07.jpg

Space Saving

Data centre space is limited? Try our high density cabling solution, which can hold 144-fibre in 1U space. Ultra HD cable is also available for quick & easy insertion and removal.

Fs Data_Center_Products_08.jpg

Physical Infrastructure

Your data centre is valuable, adopting a reliable and standard physical infrastructure solution to ensure your data centre's security, reliability, availability, and scalability.

Fs Data_Center_Products_09.jpg


Exausted by cable mess and breakdown due to it? FS.COM is your one-stop destination that offers all kinds of user-friendly cable management and maintenance solutions.

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FS focus on data center, enterprise and optical transmission network solution to help you build exactly what you need.
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