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Building an Evolving Data Center

Nowadays, the surge of Internet data traffic has promoted the rapid growth of data processing demand and storage demand. Higher speeds and more bandwidth requirements are driving equipment and architecture choices in data center. If the physical layer is not deployed properly, it will suffer risks such as performance degradation, mismatched system, expensive upgrades cost, and network downtime. FS's high-density data center cabling solution can simplify deployment, provide reliable operation, and realize flexible expansion and quick upgrade with the ever-increasing business traffic requirements to adapt to changing market needs.


High Performance

  • 40G and 100G Ethernet applications

  • High bandwidth and low latency

  • High performance and high density MTP®/MPO solutions


  • High density solution for optimizing space

  • More powerful compatibility, network upgrade without replacing the backbone cabling

  • Flexible solution for easy replacement

High Efficiency

  • Modular cabling is easy to operate and maintain, reducing the cost, time and performance risk of changing or increasing product

Working With FS Engineers

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Solution Delivery

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Five Phases of the Solution Integration Process

Case Study

High Density Solution for Multi-Story Data Centers

  • Upgrading cabling in an organized and modular way

  • Reduces the power and the risk of downtime and facilitates installation & maintenance

    Solution Type – FHD high density fiber enclosures and cassettes

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