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FS Delivers “One-Stop-Shop” Data Center Solutions

Our team has the confidence, flexibility, and expertise to handle all phases of your data center integration project. From requirements gathering to the delivery of a turn-key solution – and all phases in between - you can rely on our solution services as your central resource for project success. With our rich products such as racks, cabinets, switches, transceivers, fiber cables, and so on, we can provide a wide range of solutions focused on customer satisfaction, quality, and energy efficiency. Our global footprint, dedicated and skilled professionals, and integrated supply chain will ensure you get what you need, no matter where you are in the world.

25G/100G Data Center Network Solution

With the rise of cloud computing and big data, Internet data traffic has exploded. The current 10G-100G network with traditional configuration management cannot meet the increasing demands for business traffic. FS All-in-One 25G/100G Data Center Network Solution was born to achieve the network upgrade.

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Improve operational efficiency

  • Simplify duplicate network configuration by automation helpers like Netconf, OpenFlow, Python, Zero Configuration, Ansible

Flexible expansion

  • the entire data center is constructed with POD (Point of Delivery) as the unit which can be added as the scale expands horizontally. Adding and removing POD within the capability of the switch won't alter the network architecture

High-quality data transmission

  • A fine-grained QoS flow control system is introduced with speed reduction and pause function to avoid packet loss caused by congestion

Minimize your budget at the most

  • One-stop purchasing for all components, reducing time waste

  • Effectively avoid incompatibility and waste of resources

Ensure the efficient operation of the network

  • After multiple verification testing to ensure network stability

  • High-quality organized deployment, convenient for maintenance

Our experts optimize your customize operations

  • Design for Excellence; Performance benchmarks for your specific needs

  • Get lifetime support for network operation starting with expert design and implementation knowledge

Working With FS Engineers

Consult Demand

Solution Design

Solution Delivery

Lifetime Support

Five Phases of the Solution Integration Process

Case Study

GIG Technology——Edge Cloud Service Company

  • Each rack has at least 8 nodes with dual 10G, an IPMI port, and a management port

  • More than 6PB of HDD and 1PB of SSD storage

  • FS S8050-20Q4C

Solution Type – Spine-leaf Architecture with 1G LAN access, 10G LAN distribution, and 40G LAN core switches

View more about the case

Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) Converged Networking Project

  • Meet 120 Virtual Machines(VMs) used by 600 employees

  • Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) traffic,about 50T

  • FS S5850-48S6Q

Solution Type – Spine-leaf Architecture with 1G LAN access, 10G LAN distribution, and 40G LAN core switches

View more about the case

Thank you FS for helping push the edge with us on projects ranging from traditional data centres to underwater such as Natick and optics from 10Ge to 100Ge they are definitely a partner to count on.

—by Steve.Dahl, Senior Systems Analyst, Microsoft

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