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18 Channels 1270-1610nm Dual Fibre CWDM Mux Demux with Monitor Port, Plug-in Card Type for FMS 1800, LC/UPC
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18 Channels 1270-1610nm Dual Fibre CWDM Mux Demux with Monitor Port, Plug-in Card Type for FMS 1800, LC/UPC

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18ch CWDM Mux Demux Card, 1270-1610nm, w/Monitor Port, Duplex LC/UPC

CWDM technology provides the flexibility to increase capacity of existing fibre infrastructure by enabling multiple channels/wavelengths over the same fibre cabling. Each channel carries data independently from each other, allowing network designers to transport different data rates. It's protocol and rate transparent supporting such applications as 1G/10G Ethernet, SDH/SONET and 8/4/2/1G Fibre Channel across the same fibre link.
Product Details
Wavelength18 channels 1270-1610nmChannel Spacing20nm
Channel Passband ±6.5nmInsertion Loss ≤ 6.7dB (with connectors and adapters)
Passband Ripple≤ 0.3dBInsertion Loss @ 1% Mon ≤ 24.5dB (with connectors and adapters)
Adjacent channel Isolation ≥ 30dBNon-adjacent channel Isolation ≥ 35dB
Return Loss ≥ 45dBDirectivity ≥ 50dB
Polarization Dependent Loss≤ 0.3dBPolarization Mode Dispersion≤ 0.2ps
Operating Temperature -5°C~ +75°CStorage Temperature -40°C~+85°C
Chassis Type 1U, 2U, 4UHousing Pluggable Module (Occupies 2 slots in FMT chassis)

Product Highlights

18 Channels CWDM Mux/Demux Pluggable Module
  • Separate Mux and Demux design, convenient for integrating with FMT chassis
  • Up to 18 protocol transparent channels using one pair of fibers
  • Fully compatible with all ITU-T CWDM optics
CWDM Mux Demux   18 Channels CWDM Mux/Demux Pluggable Module

Detection and Monitoring for MUX Tx/Rx Power

As the infrastructure equipment in fiber optic system, optical power detection provides both absolute and relative power monitoring to achieve the purpose of link loss measurement. The number of channels of AIU/OPD is twice that of Mux on the link, which is generally used at both the receiving end and the transmitting end.

CWDM Mux Demux  Detection and Monitoring for MUX Tx/Rx Power

Available for All-in-One Multi-Service Transport System

As a part of multi-service transport system, hot-swappable pluggable Mux and Demux card occupy 2 slots in the 1U/2U/4U chassis.

CWDM Mux Demux  Available for All-in-One Multi-Service Transport System

Application for CWDM Solution

18ch CWDM Mux Demux pluggable module is designed for using in FMT chassis, which can be used with other function cards like tansponder(OEO) and OLP cards to create a high-intergrated CWDM solution. FS also provide standardized optical transmission solutions, such as FMT-1800 optical transport platform, for customer's demand.

CWDM Mux Demux  Application for CWDM Solution

Equipment Management System

NMU/NMS provides full fault, configuration, performance, security management and instant push emails. FMT monitor online management software (a Java-based network management system) built with modular client uses the Micosoftware SQL Server 2008R2 database.
But NMU/NMS can only monitoring the basic factory information of the board and whether it is online, if monitoring optical signal is needed, function cards like OPD,OPM will suitable for you.

CWDM Mux Demux  Equipment Management System


• CWDM is used to increase the bandwidth of an optical fiber by multiplexing several wavelengths (or colors) onto it.
• When it is not in use, please capped with a clean dust cap, and keep adapter ports and fiber connectors clean.
• Attached sticker describes the specifications of MUX, which improves deployment flexibility for your WDM system.
• FS always focus on design, R&D, innovation to provide you optimal products. Welcome to contact or

Quality Certification
  • This product is in conformity with ISO9001. This system is valid to a company engaging in development, production and supply service of fiber optical products. Please contact us to learn more.
  • This product meets applicable RoHS requirements. The RoHS directive restricts the use of ten hazardous materials in the manufacture of various types of electronic and electrical equipment: lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, and four different phthalates. Please contact us to learn more.
  • REACH is a regulation of the European Union, adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment through the better and earlier identification of the intrinsic properties of chemical substances. Please contact us to learn more.
  • This product was produced under the requirements of CE to indicate conformity with the essential health and safety. Please contact us to learn more.
  • This product fully accords with the FCC, which aims to manage the radio wave and magnetic fields more reasonably. Please contact us to learn more.
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