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Polarity Switchable Uniboot LC Fibre Cable

Polarity Switchable Uniboot LC Fibre Cable

FS Official 4 Jul, 2018

Fibre patch lead has penetrated in almost every corner of the fibre network. With the rapid development of the network, the fibre cable has been upgraded to meet the higher and higher demand. In that case, the LC fibre cable, one of the most popular sub-branches of fibre cables has also witnessed the arrival of its enhanced version: polarity switchable uniboot LC fibre cable.

For any high-density fibre cabling at high speed, the uniboot LC fibre cable will be the best solution. Compared with a standard LC cable, the uniboot fibre patch lead features with more flat clip, thinner body, Corning bend-insensitive fibre, easier polarity reversing procedures, etc. When in a high-density cabling, the upgraded uniboot LC fibre cables can work well with all the FS FHX series products, such as the ultra high-density enclosure. For more details about the upgraded uniboot LC, please watch this video. Also, the procedures about how to reverse the polarity of the LC uniboot cable have been shared in it.

In FS, all sorts of uniboot LC fibre cables are available. It can be customised with fibre types and cable diameters. Usually, the uniboot LC cable is applied as LC to LC fibre cable in the market. Surely, standard LC cables, as well as other fibre cables, like SC and MTP, are also provided by FS.

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