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Flexible Ring Architecture for Robust and Scalable OTN

  • Internet Service
  • France


In enterprise networks, ring networks have become very popular as all the modes can be connected in a closed loop configuration. This type of topology is organized and each device has equal access to resources. KLEE Group, one of our customers, searched a way to broaden its business range by building a transmission network between four data centers, the distances of which vary individually, with a maximum distance of 59km.


Five lines, 30.3km line A, 31km line B, 59km line C, 23.7km line D, and 47km line E, are linked. As there are several nodes in the whole link, it is inevitable to consider how to avoid insertion loss. Meanwhile, our client expects to achieve a high-reliable network and cut the budget to the lowest with the hope to get a satisfying scheme as soon as possible.


To meet our customer’s demand, FS puts forward a DWDM ring network solution within four days.


    To avoid excessive insertion loss as well as for longer link range and further expansion, 40CH DWDM MUX/DEMUXs are deployed in place of customer’s CWDM MUX/DEMUXs.


    With the use of OEO, Ethernet signals are converted into corresponding wavelengths in DWDM transceivers.


    For the safety of the whole link, link D and link E are designed as the backup lines of link C, thus site1 and site3 are separately deployed with two chassis in case of any failures, ensuring the network continuity.


    Due to budget constraints, FS selects OADM at site2 to minimize the budget as much as possible. By deploying an OADM, wavelengths of link D or E are added or dropped to switch without interfering data transmission on link D and E.


    Besides, EDFAs are used to compensate the cable losses in case that the fiber attenuation increases.

FMT4DL-OEO10GSFP, 4 Channels WDM Transponder (Converter), 8 SFP/SFP+ Slots

686,00 €

FMT20PA-EDFA, 20dB Gain DWDM EDFA Pre-Amplifier, 13dBm Output

1.109,00 €

Customised Dual Fibre DWDM OADM

63,00 €

40 Channels 100GHz C21-C60, with Monitor Port, 3.0dB Typical IL, LC/UPC, Dual Fibre DWDM Mux Demux, 1U Rack Mount

1.523,00 €


Devoted to offering customers the best technical support, FS technical team designs the cost-effective solution based on customers’ requirement and network environment. Ultimately the flexible ring architecture FS provides has achieved our client’s needs for both reducing power loss and improving safety within budget.

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