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Data Centre

Data Centre 10GB Switch for Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Data Centre 10GB Switch for Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

FS Official 20 Oct, 2018

Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) impresses people with its integration of compute and storage into a single server. Thus it has been an unstoppable trend to shift to the HCI over the past years. To cater for the unique demands for hyper-converged appliance, FS develops the S5800-8TF12S 10gb switch to address the issue of access to core 10G network connectivity for businesses and data centres.

The S5800-8TF12S 10gb switch comes with 8-port 1GbE RJ45 combo ports and 8-port 1GbE SFP combo ports and 12-port 10GbE uplink ports in a compact 1RU form factor. With 10GBE SFP+ uplinks, it supports for advanced features, including MLAG, IPv4/IPv6, SFLOW, SNMP etc, ideal for traditional or fully virtualized data centre. And the RJ45 combo port or SFP combo port provide enough access port for gigabit servers, which is what hyper-converged infrastructure is needed. This 10Gb Layer2/Layer3 Ethernet switch can lower the overall infrastructure costs in the aspect of cables and switch ports. It boasts complete system software to facilitate the rapid service deployment and management for both traditional L2/L3/MPLS networks. What is more, this 10gb switch also provides high-availability properties, including hot-swappable redundant fans and high-quality electronic components which ensure lower power consumption.

FS also offers S5800-48F4S 48 port switch which is well poised for an expanding role in data centre applications. The S5800 series 10gb switches can speed your network up and provide high reliability and flexibility to your data centres.

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