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Armoured Fibre Optic Cable for Harsh Environment

Armoured Fibre Optic Cable for Harsh Environment

FS Official 2018-07-28

Armoured fibre optic cable is a specially designed type of fibre patch lead. It's known that fibre cables consist of various sub-branches. Usually, different kind shares different features and can be applied in specified situations. As for the armoured fibre optic cable, it is cut out for the harsh environment.

Compared with the common fibre optic cable, the armoured fibre cable is made with build-in stainless armor tube inside the outer jacket. With such a design, the armoured cable can provide a stronger protection for fibre optic cables without impairing the flexibility or regular functions of the fibre optic networks. Conventionally, the armoured cable can be both deployed for indoor cabling and outdoor cabling. You can watch this video for more details about its features and applications. Besides, the cabling solution for connecting armoured cables with Gigabit switches is also provided.

FS provides various types of armoured fibre optic cables. With various options for fibre counts, fibre types, connector types, polish types, and cable lengths, you can customise all your needs accordingly. Still, if you are looking for the cable management tools for those armoured cables, no matter the horizontal cable management or the vertical type, they are both accessible in FS.

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