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What is the limit of RX that the equipment can support?

by B***e on 07/11/2022

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Hello, as for the limit of RX, if you refer to the maximum optical power that the product can accept, it is ≤300mW; if you refer to the insertion loss, the insertion loss of the product is ≤5dB, the typical insertion loss is 3.5dB, and the value of insertion loss (one pair MUX DEMUXs) is 10dB, and Normally, in the point-to-point OTN solution, the power budget of the DWDM transceivers you will use should be more than or equal to link loss + insertion loss of one pair of MUX DEMUXs + 3dB system margin. by FS.com on 12/11/2022

by FS.com on 12/11/2022