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Data Centre

42U Network & Server Cabinet

42U Network & Server Cabinet

FS Official 2018-12-06

In meeting the challenges of increasingly high-density cabling, flexibility is one of the most concerned issues by cabling technicians. In that case, FS develops 42U cabinets that are well-designed, forward-thinking and versatile.

The 42U network & server cabinet is a multi-use cabinet, which can be both used as network cabinet and server cabinet. Featured with simplified installation and maintenance, this FS multi-use cabinet shares lots of upgraded designs, such as ventilated doors, removable panels, adjustable rails, PDU brackets, and vertical cable managers. As a network cabinet, it provides the perfect environment for housing and protecting network infrastructure components and is particularly suited to back office and commercial building infrastructure applications. As a server cabinet, it supports computer server and data storage equipment by providing additional space at the rear for cable management and front-to-rear airflow solutions.

In addition, there is no need for you to worry about the immense cost of shipping a heavy rack/cabinet. FS has huge stocks of 42U network & server cabinets in oversea warehouses. Therefore you can greatly cut down expenditure. Besides, you still can choose a fully-assembled or bulk-packaged type as you like. For choosing a bulk-packaged type, FS also has the assembly instruction video to get you fully guided. Watch this video, you will get more details about this 42U multi-use cabinet.

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