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1U Rackmount Horizontal Cable Managers With Detachable D-Rings

1U Rackmount Horizontal Cable Managers With Detachable D-Rings

FS Official 25 Aug, 2018

Server racks commonly use 1U or 2U cable management tools to organize fibre or copper cables horizontally, such as 1U or 2U horizontal cable patch panel, 1U horizontal cable manager, 1U horizontal lacer panel, etc. Among them, the rackmount horizontal cable manager with D-rings is one of the most popular types.

Usually, D-rings are pre-installed on the management panels by screws, which requires tools when there's need to replace or remove the D-rings. In order to provide the convenience for users who need to change or remove the D-rings, FS designed easily detachable D-rings on two rackmount horizontal cable managers. The D-rings are rotatable and are very flexible to be assembled or disassembled from the management panel. One cable manager is a three-in-one type which consists of a 1U patch panel, a horizontal management panel with five D-rings, and a lacing bar. The other is a simplified version which has a management panel with five D-rings. Both cable managers are metal except the of plastic D-rings.

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