Why partner with FS?

Provide professional technical support, products and comprehensive solutions to meet your request.
Provide global warehousing services to ensure adequate inventory for fast product delivery.
Support for one-to-one service and purchase order, maximize your time and budget savings.
Offer the latest product information to make you enjoy the most favorable price .

Cooperation Case

  • "We spent significant time testing a combination of SFP+ vendors before finding FS, a SFP+ manufacturer from which we could directly source SFP+s at a reasonable price that worked in the network gear we wanted to use."

    —Matthew Prince from Cloudflare

    Provide comprehensive technical support and solve Cloudflare's product compatibility issues.

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    "Thank you FS for helping push the edge with us on projects ranging from traditional data centres to underwater such as Natick and optics from 10Ge to 100Ge they are definitely a partner to count on."

    —Steve.Dahl, Senior Systems Analyst, Microsoft

    Help Microsoft build a submarine data centre to make its data transfer more efficient.

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    "Last Year we opened a new Datacenter along with a new Metro 400G Fibre Ring"

    —Network Engineer from KLEE Group

    Replace CWDM link with the DWDM&EDFA solution and select a more cost-saving MUX&OADM solution to minimize the budget.

Business Evaluation

“ We like the service from FiberStore. We have ordered the wrong items due to our judgment fault for a urgently project, FiberStore help us reorder and reship to catch up the item within shortest time. Which is wonderful. ”

- IBM Research Team

“ Appreciate fiberstore providing comprehensive technical network alms,what surprised me is that they are not only to design the most perfect solutions , but also choose the most economic form to achieve the same target. ”

- Norma Gudelj, Electrical Engineer, Raytheon

“ Great test result of the SFP transceivers,we used compatible series for the first time,its 100% compatibility interested me much, which is same with original but more cost-effective price. ”

- Lab Manager, Dellteam

“ Thank you so much for the professional and highly skilled way in which you implemented your fibre assemblies. We have not had such immaculate sales and support in a very long time. ”

- Steve Salter, Engineer, Intel

“ FiberStore Optics and your team have made our networking requirements take a whole new meaning. Your prompt, kind and to the point service has made you an indispensable ally. ”

- Marketing, Sony

“ When we needed simple and fast shopping platform with an international presence, we looked no better choice than fiberstore to supply the Fibre Networking Assemblies that we needed. Your products are amazing. ”

- Purchase Manager, Google Fibre

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