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Founded in 2009, FS is a global high-tech company providing high-speed communication network solutions and services to several industries. FS offers a variety of standard telecommunication products and is also able to customize products based on individual needs. We drive our industry by supplying efficiency, high quality, continuous innovation, and ease of access to all our customers.
FS serves over 400,000 individual industries including telecommunication groups, government entities, education centers, finance establishments, medical institutions, transportation hubs, and technology clusters. Customers are able to access all services online through their personal computer or mobile device.
Our Strengths
Guaranteed Quality
FS partners with many top-tier manufactures who emphasize cutting edge production techniques, technology innovations, and management ability. After production, items are inspected in our state-of-the-art testing facility. Every item is tested by a skilled technician for compatibility and stability before being placed in an order. FS products are backed by international certifications such as ISO, ROHS, CE, FCC, and more.
Intelligent Digital Platform
Users have access to substantial support on FS.COM. FS provides a vast inventory and multiple options to customize products. Each product is listed with in-depth specifications, installation guides, software, configuration protocols, behavior analysis, and frequently asked questions. Additionally, after placing an order, customers have access to order status, customization details, account preferences, and live support.
Worry-Free Service
A global warehouse system ensures products will be available quickly with several methods of delivery. Most FS warehouses support next day shipping and the use of a personal shipping account. FS also provides a personal account manager, free professional technical support, and 24/7 live customer service to each customer.
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