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Base-8 Solutions for 40G-10G & 100G-25G Cabling

Base-8 Solutions for 40G-10G & 100G-25G Cabling

FS Official Sep 14, 2018

40G QSFP+ to 10G SFP+ and 100G QSFP28 to 25G SFP28 short and middle distance transmissions commonly use Base-8 cabling, such as 40GBASE-SR4 QSFP+, 40GBASE-PLRL4, 100GBASE-SR4, 10GBASE-LR, 10GBASE-SR. But cable spaghetti is an unsettling problem, especially for high-density 40G to 10G and 100G to 25G breakout cabling. Therefore, FS provides FHD, FHX and FHU solutions for Base-8 fiber cabling, including both single mode and multimode versions. This video introduces these three different methods for Base-8 cabling.

The first one is FHD solution. FHD rack mount fiber enclosure, together with FHD modular Base-8 MTP breakout cassettes, can offer quick and easy MTP-8 to 4*LC fiber cabling. Each 1U FHD fiber enclosure can house four MTP breakout cassettes. And the MTP-8 cassette has a 24-fiber version, enabling three groups of 40G to 4*10G or 100G to 4*25G breakout cabling. Then a 1U FHD fiber enclosure can support up to 96 fibers transmission in a time, equaling 480G in 10Gbits rate and 1200G in 25Gbits rate.

The second one is FHX solution, which provides a higher density of 144 fibers per 1U space. In addition to modular Base-8 MTP cassettes, FHX fiber enclosure can also be adjusted flexibly to house Base-12 MTP cassettes and Base-2 LC/SC fiber adapter panels.

The last solution is FHU MTP breakout patch panel, which is specially designed for Base-8 cabling. The FHU MTP breakout patch panel is designed in flat 1U, with 96 fibers density. These 96 fibers are divided into 12 groups, each providing an 8-fiber based transmission for 40G and 100G breakout cabling.

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