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WDM Solution for Data Centre Interconnect

Guiding you how to improve distributed resource sharing, scalability and simplify network protection.

Why is DCI Important?

Today's Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) networks are reaching a critical juncture. High capacity data transport between data centres is a vital need in enterprises to support the growing demands for data transmitted at any time and from any place. To meet these challenges, cloud providers, enterprises, and service providers' data centre must use high-end DWDM optical network solutions for transporting multiple 10G/40G/100G services.

There are more than 7,500 data centres worldwide. And the average cost of a corporate data breach is $3.5 million.
Sales of disaggregated WDM systems for DCI are up 225% year-over-year.
Metro DCI traffic increase 430% from 2015 to 2020.

Turn Your DCI into an Advantage

Make it secure, simple, scalable and ready to tackle tomorrow's challenges.

High Security

DCI solution provides full visibility on the fibre infrastructure and health of the transported data, easily monitoring DWDM fibre link including alerts.

Easy Operating

Without complex setup and more optical fibre knowledge required makes you easily build modern DCI architecture with standard and customizable SNMP.

Great Scalability

FS devices form a multi-chassis which can expand at any time to add more capacity, without link downtime. They are easy to install and take up minimal rack space.

Using the Cases to Build a Security DCI Network

We deliver tailored WDM systems that provide cutting edge technology within your budget.

Solution 1:Scalable Data Centre Interconnections

To deal with the constant and ever-growing demand for bandwidth-hungry services and applications as well as store and replicate vast quantities of data over their fibre networks, enterprises require simple, cost-effective and scalable networking solutions.

Solution Related Products

Item Name ID# Item Description
10G SFP+ 69611 Compatibility 10G DWDM SFP+ 80km DOM Transceiver Add to Cart
Mux Demux 70411 Customised 4CH-96CH Dual Fibre DWDM Mux Demux with Expansion Port Add to Cart
DWDM EDFA 72283 Booster EDFA for DWDM Networks Add to Cart
DWDM EDFA 35925 Pre-Amplifier EDFA for DWDM Networks Add to Cart
OADM 70427 Customised 1CH-8CH Dual Fibre DWDM OADM Add to Cart

Solution 2:Utilizing Our Solution to Protect Your Business Continuity

Few seconds' interruptions of high-speed optical connection of WDM system will result in a huge loss of data information, which means a huge loss of money. Optical protection devices provide end-to-end protection of an entire DWDM channel based on complete channel redundancy, including fibres, inline equipments to greatly improve the reliability and maximize the uptime of the WDM system.

Solution Related Products

Item Name ID# Item Description
10G SFP+ 69611 Compatibility 10G DWDM SFP+ 80km DOM Transceiver Add to Cart
40G SR4 48558 40GBASE-SR4 QSFP+ 850nm 150m MTP®/MPO Transceiver Add to Cart
Mux Demux 70411 Customised 16 Channels C21-C36 Dual Fibre DWDM Mux Demux Add to Cart
DWDM EDFA 72283 Booster EDFA for DWDM Networks Add to Cart
OLP 66010 1+1 Optical Line Protection Switch (OLP) Add to Cart

FS devotes to offering self-design, research & development, and manufacturing innovative products
based on different network environments.

Why Choose FS?

Ensure Quality & Certifications

Our operations, security and reliability meet the most stringent standards, like CE, RoHS, FCC. All the fibre optic products in FS support a lifetime guarantee.

Reduce Power & Space Requirements

Our superior optical transmission architecture with high integration is conducive to saving space and can be easily expanded.

Technical Support & On-line Service

Best solutions provided by experienced engineers for different applications and online service meets your needsflexibly.

OEM & Custom

We can customise the product according to your needs or assist you in rapidly achieving tailored answers for demanding optical networking solutions.

More Successful Cases

Fs WDM_Solution_06.jpg

Flexible Ring Architecture for Robust and Large-Scale Optical Transport

“Last Year we opened a new Datacenter along with a new Metro
400G Fibre Ring.”

Klee Group | Nicolas

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Fs WDM_Solution_07.jpg

CWDM OADM Adds Access Points on a CWDM Network

“We wanted to correct multiple networks across a single fibre optical connection.
Fibre store provided the perfect equipment design for our needs.“

The City of Murphysboro | Brian Manwaring

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