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See How We Test Fiber Optic Cables

Take an immersive 360° tour inside FS's professional lab, and explore what goes into testing high-performance fiber optic cables that guarantee stability and reliability.
  • FS Lab Tour

  • Polarity Testing


    Measure the polarity to ensure data from Tx at one end can be properly transmitted to Rx at the other end via light signals.

  • IL and RL Testing

    Test insertion loss and return loss of cables to ensure the reach and stable signal transmission.

  • 3D Interferometer Testing

    Test connectors or ferrules of cables to ensure apex offset, the radius of curvature, and fiber height within the expected ranges and successful connection of fiber optic lines.

  • End-Face Inspection


    Inspect the connector end face for scratches, defects, and contamination to keep the tips clean, which improves communication quality and reliability and keeps the network uptime.

  • Inbound and Shipment

    A complete testing process ensures products performance and quality. And we will ship the products as soon as possible to provide you with an on-time and accurate delivery experience.

  • Develop

    Quality Certifications
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