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When fiber exhaust is looming, laying additional fibers would be time-consuming and cost-prohibitive. There is a simple and efficient way to enhance network capacity => hybrid CWDM-DWDM solution.

Hybrid CWDM-DWDM system utilizes WDM technology to merge DWDM and CWDM traffic seamlessly at the optical layer, which allows carriers to add additional channels to networks originally designed for the more limited CWDM capacity and reach. It offers a simple, plug-and-play option for creating hybrid system of DWDM channels interleaved with existing CWDM channel plans.

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CWDM/DWDM Hybrid Typical Application

Through adding DWDM wavelengths onto cost-effective CWDM systems, more wavelengths are received at a higher bandwidth
without the need to change the existing infrastructure.

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