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    To meet the fast growth of bandwidth demands, it will inevitably compel data centers to scale up cabling infrastructure to match higher data rates, including 40G, 100G and beyond.

    By using the same cabling system, both 40G and 100G can be deployed at a minimum cost. Meanwhile, facilitating easier cable management using high-density cables and modular components can contribute to a more flexible and reliable network.

  • Higher Bandwidth

  • Expanded Network

  • Simplified Cabling

  • Flexible Deployment

40G/100G Migration Typical Application

When the 10G backbone network is not enough, data centers and IT managers are keen to upgrade to 40G to meet their higher-data requirements. Using our Base-8 MTP®/MPO fiber cassettes can be easier for a better plug-and-play deployment system.

Due to rapidly increasing IP traffic, migrating from 25G to 100G is imperative, thus using the existing fiber infrastructure and adding additional hardware is a high-performance and cost-effective upgrading solution.

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