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    The S3900 and S58 series switches give new meaning to flexibility and scalability. Featuring high port densities, switch stacking, MLAG and easy management, the switches are ideal for a variety of applications at every scale. With Gigabit RJ45, SFP, 10G SFP+, security features, and advanced Quality of Service (QoS), the S3900 and S58 series switches act as core, distribution or access layer switches.

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S3900 and S58 Series Models

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Layer Type Layer 2+ Layer 2+ Layer 2+ Layer 3 Layer 3 Layer 3
24× Gigabit RJ45 Port
4× 10G SFP+ Port
24× Gigabit SFP Port
4× 10G SFP+ Port
48× Gigabit RJ45 Port
4× 10G SFP+ Port
8× Gigabit Combo Port
12× 10G SFP+ Port
48× 10G SFP+ Port
6× 40G QSFP+ Port
48× 10G SFP+ Port
2× 40G QSFP+ Port
4× 100G QSFP28 Port
Switching Capacity 128 Gbps 128 Gbps 176 Gbps 240 Gbps 1.44 Tbps 1.92 Tbps
Forwarding Rate 95 Mpps 95 Mpps 130 Mpps 178.57 Mpps 1071.43 Mpps 1200 Mpps
Stackability Up to 6 Units
(Same Models)
Up to 6 Units
(Same Models)
Up to 6 Units
(Same Models)
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MLAG / / / Support Support Support

Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation Typical Solution

By configuring the M- LAG( Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation Group), the stability of the equipment is enhanced and link redundancy is achieved.
When a "Error-Down" occurs in one link, traffic can be quickly switched to another link.

Software Features and Services

Maintain full feature parity between CLI and Web-based interfaces, giving you the freedom to choose how you manage your devices.

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    Resilience and Availability

    EEE 802.3ad LACP
    Physical Stacking

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    Enhanced Access Security

    IEEE 802.1X
    RADIUS/TACACS+ authentication

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    Traffic Management for Triple Play

    IGMP snooping
    IGMP filtering / throttling

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    Superior Management

    Command-line interface
    Web-based GUI
    SNMP v1, v2c, v3

Strict Quality Control System

Joins hands with Ixia, the industry switch test authority, to run performance benchmark tests to make sure swithes with high throughput, no frame loss, and low latency.

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    S3900 stacking switches, extend your network
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