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PicOS® and AmpCon™ for Video Streaming Networking

FS integrates advanced switches, PicOS®, and AmpCon™ management platform to design a modern data center architecture for 4K/8K video service providers. It enables efficient network management, enhanced capacity and reliability, and reduced overall Opex.

Broadcom Chip-based Switches

Unified Broadcom chips of leaf and spine switches, providing sufficient bandwidth, reducing network latency, and enhancing peak-hour operational efficiency.

PicOS® Switch Software

PicOS® leverages industry-standard protocols, ensuring full backward compatibility and seamless integration with switches from top brands, enabling budget-aligned upgrades.

AmpCon™ Automated Management Platform

AmpCon™ empowers data center operators to efficiently provision, monitor, manage, and preventatively troubleshoot and maintain their data center fabric.

Product List

AmpCon™ Management Platform


PicOS® Data Center Switches






PicOS® Enterprise Switches



Rack Servers



100G/25G Network Adapters





100G/25G/10G Optical Transceivers






Fiber Optical Cables



Copper Patch Cords


More Resilient & Efficient Network Operations at a Lower TCO

With PicOS®, deliver highly resilient, highly reliable, programmable networks that are leaner and more scalable than their monolithic predecessors.

Full Interoperability

Supports OpenFlow, SNMP, and gNMI protocols, provides API application programming interfaces, delivers interoperability with Cisco and other third-party infrastructure for progressive migration and upgrade.

Network Virtualization

Support EVPN-VXLAN to ensure flexible business expansion and live migration of virtual machines.

Network Redundancy

MLAG for highly available layer 2 fabric, eliminating downtime with improved redundancy.

Network Efficiency

Support IGMP and PIM to enable efficient multicast, effectively delivering content to multiple users with reduced bandwidth consumption.

Automate End-to-End Network Lifecycle Management

Prevent misconfigurations and downtime with end-to-end networking lifecycle management, complete with automated provisioning, maintenance, compliance checking, and upgrades.

Zero-Touch Provisioning

Scale easily and securely from anywhere with automated provisioning and policy enforcement.

Configuration Management

Push updates, patches, and bug fixes to a single or group of switches to save labor, prevent downtime.

Backups & Compliance

Automate configuration backups, operation logs, and compliance checks against a “golden config” with intelligent rollback to minimize errors.

Switch Visibility

Provides detailed inventory of all switches, including hardware details, software version, configuration and more.

Agentless Automation

Write Ansible Playbooks to create and schedule customized workflows with easy-to-read reports.

PicOS-V Pre-configuration

AmpCon™ can be pre-configured with PicOS-V in virtualization scenario and then moved to the data center.

Explore the Benefits of FS Video Streaming Network

  • Unified OS and Management

    Switches run on the unified PicOS® with a consistent CLI and are managed via the AmpCon™ platform for remote and zero-touch configuration, allowing for simplified and centralized set-up.

  • Scalable Spine-Leaf Architecture

    Spine-Leaf allows simply adding leaf or spine nodes for business growth. Every leaf switch connects via the shortest path to multiple spines, minimizing latency and increasing redundancy.

  • Flexible VXLAN Network

    VXLAN technology constructs a virtual Layer 2 network and creates virtual tunnels, enabling VM live migrations both within and across data centers with zero downtime and flexible resource allocation.

  • Node-Level Redundancy with MLAG

    MLAG enhances redundancy and bandwidth through link aggregation, mitigating the risk of single point of failure while ensuring consistent stability, and reducing congestion.

  • Partition Design

    The network partition design (business, storage and out-of-band management) helps isolate different business areas and reduce traffic complexity.

  • Field Technical Support

    FS local service teams offer a full-spectrum technical service and deliver professional end-to-end solutions, from design, assessment to deployment.


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