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Consistent and Solid Coverage, Fast Wi-Fi Performance

In today’s small and medium-sized enterprise environment, with more devices and applications connecting to the network, coupled with aging network infrastructure, the FS’s existing network was struggling to keep up with business demands.

To improve overall wireless network performance and security while addressing the challenges of secure access from both employees and visitors, FS has launched a comprehensive Wi-Fi 6 network upgrade project, in which the office building can achieve full coverage of high-speed wireless networks to meet the network needs of various businesses and improve office efficiency.

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High-Speed Wi-Fi Experience

  • Multi-radio Wi-Fi 6 improves efficiency and ensures a good user experience in high-density meeting room scenes

  • Optimized RRM wireless network improves user experience in demanding environments

Full Coverage, High Capacity

  • Seamless roaming Wi-Fi coverage for all indoor places improves the overall efficiency of mobile office workers

  • Supporting increasing demand and mobile access requirements for Wi-Fi by thousands of employees and visitors

Safe and Reliable

  • Deliver both an uninterrupted network experience, and secure visitor management system through visitor authentication

  • Protecting the network from threats with powerful firewalls, WIDS, access control and URL filters

Easy to Maintain

  • Clear system status with visual interface and easy configuration, monitoring and management of wireless network via the intuitive web interface

Strong Network Compatibility

  • 100% backward compatibility of Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) and Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n) devices

  • Future-proofs Wi-Fi, lowering future deployment costs

Guaranteed Delivery

  • Global warehouses ensure fast shipping

  • Technical experts help confirm the scenario to ensure the feasibility

  • Online technical support ensures on-site construction and commissioning

Working With FS Engineers

Consult Demand

Solution Design

Solution Delivery

Lifetime Support

Five Phases of the Solution Integration Process

Case Study

Reliable and Efficient Network Access

  • Quick and reliable access services for up to 1,000 employees

  • Pre-ax, AirRorder, CorrectLink and DWO are combined to reduce interference, contributing to a seamless experience

  • FS AP-W6T6817C

Solution Type: Spine-leaf architecture with 1G LAN acess,10G LAN distribution

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