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Data Centre

S5850-32S2Q 10GE SFP+ Leaf Switch for Data Centre Architecture

S5850-32S2Q 10GE SFP+ Leaf Switch for Data Centre Architecture

FS Official 28 Aug, 2018

In hyper-scale data centres, leaf-spine architecture has stood out from other network designs for its scalability, reliability, and better performance. For such a spine-leaf network, it involves two types of the switches: the leaf switch and the spine switch. In that case, the choice for the switches is crucial.

In this video, FS provides its solution for the leaf switch: S5850-32S2Q 10gb switch. For such a leaf switch with 32 SFP+ ports and 2 QSFP+ ports, it can work as 10G access switch for the data centre as well as core or aggregation switch on the campus network. The management for FS S5850-32S2Q leaf switch is simple and straightforward, which is accessible via CLI command and web UI.

Apart from the leaf switch, building a spine-leaf network, you also need the spine switch, such as S8050-20Q4C 40gbe switch. In the leaf-spine architecture, only two tiers of switches between the servers and the core network are involved. Leaf switches work in conjunction with spine switches in data centres to aggregate traffic from server nodes and then connect to the core of the network. For more details about how to build leaf-spine architecture, you can refer to this article: Using 10GbE Leaf Switch to Build Data Centre Architecture.

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