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This picture is about MG-OS2XXXF.
This picture is about MG-OS2XXXF.
This picture is about MG-OS2XXXF.
This picture is about MG-OS2XXXF.
This picture is about MG-OS2XXXF.
This picture is about MG-OS2XXXF.
This picture is about MG-OS2XXXF.
This picture is about MG-OS2XXXF.
This picture is about MG-OS2XXXF.
This picture is about MG-OS2XXXF.
This picture is about MG-OS2XXXF.
This picture is about MG-OS2XXXF.

Customized Industrial Armored Fiber Patch Cable, 1-24 Fibers, Single Mode (OS2), LC/SC/ST/FC/LSH/MTP/IP67/ODC/YZC, TPU

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Hot #70220

TPU Outdoor

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Choose Length:
1m (3ft)
2m (7ft)
3m (10ft)
5m (16ft)
10m (33ft)
15m (49ft)
20m (66ft)
30m (98ft)
1m (3ft)
2m (7ft)
3m (10ft)
5m (16ft)
10m (33ft)
15m (49ft)
20m (66ft)
30m (98ft)
Fiber Counts:
Connector A:
LC UPC Simplex
Connector B:
LC UPC Simplex
Pulling Eye:
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Customized Industrial Armored Fiber Patch Cable, 1-24F, OS2, LC/SC/ST/FC/LSH/MTP/IP67/ODC/YZC

Armored industrial cable features strong tensile strength, strong pressure resistance and good flexibility characteristics. Besides, it is bending resistant, oil resistant and wear resistant. Therefore, armored industrial cable is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, such as connecting the networks of two buildings through the use of an underground conduit or direct buried.

Connector Type
Polish Type
Fiber Count
1~24 Fibers
Fiber Grade
G.657.A2 (Compatible with G.652.D)
Fiber Mode
OS2 9/125μm
Trunk Outside Diameter (OD)
Breakout Outside Diameter (OD)
3.0mm (1~4 Fibers)
2.5mm (6~24 Fibers)
Min. Bend Radius (Optical Fiber)
Min. Bend Radius (Fiber Cable)
20/10D (Dynamic/Static)
Cable Jacket
TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)
Maximum Tension of Pulling Eye
Crush Resistance
2000/3000 N/100mm (Long/Short Term)
Tensile Load
500/800N (Long/Short Term)
Connector Durablity
500 times
Flex Resistance
2000 Cycles
Insertion Loss
LC/SC/ST/FC/LSH/IP67 LC/IP67 SC≤0.3dB, MTP®/IP67 MTP®≤0.35dB, ODC/YZC≤1.0dB
Return Loss
UPC≥50dB, APC≥60dB
Attenuation at 1310nm
0.36 dB/km
Attenuation at 1550nm
0.22 dB/km
Operating Temperature
-40 to 80°C (-40 to 176℉)
Storage Temperature
-40 to 80°C (-40 to 176℉)
* The tensile load of simplex fiber cables is 200/400N (Long/Short Term).
Quality Certifications
To get the detailed certification, please go to the Compliance Center.
Stronger than Regular Cable, yet Highly Flexible

Constructed with a buffered fiber surrounded by a helical stainless steel armor, a layer of kevlar yarn, braiding and TPU outer jacket to protect fibers from physical damage and provide strain relief.

Withstand Repeated Bending

G.657.A2 bend-insensitive fibers keep signals intact even when bent or twisted repeatedly.

Rodent Proof

Anti-rodent fiber optic cables keep them safe from mice, large birds and other pests.

Crush Resistance

Resistant to crushing and high compressive forces, common in industrial settings.

Built of Durable TPU for Deployment in Outdoor Settings

TPU cables are water, abrasion resistance and can be deployed in outdoor settings without the need for rigid conduits.

Convenient Direct Burial & Durable Conduits Applications

There are two main outdoor applications for industrial cables. One is to directly bury them underground to reduce wiring costs, and the other is to put them in conduits for more durable.

Ideal for Various Harsh Installation Environments
Ideal for use in indoor workplaces to outdoor construction sites where extreme environmental conditions are present.
Road Wiring
Snowfield Wiring
Industrial Field Wiring
Construction Site Wiring
Two Polish Types for Various Signal Sensitivity Demands
The fiber endfaces of UPC and APC result in different signal losses. With an 8° angled endface, APC
is more suitable for high precision fiber optic signal applications.
UPC mainly used for TV, telephony and data systems.
APC mainly used for FTTX, PON and other WDM systems.
Industrial Cable Connectors for Outdoor Application
Industrial cable connectors can provide good protection for the connection when be used in a water, dust, and corrosion environment.
Breakout Types for Optimizing Cable Routing

Four different breakout configurations meet your various needs. Please note that the breakout length is 0.3m by default instead of 0.5m when the total cable length is not more than 3m.

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27 May 2024
It is made of high-strength steel wire and a wear-resistant rubber jacket, enabling it to withstand various harsh environments.
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United States

20 May 2024
These cables have excellent waterproof capabilities, using IP67-rated connectors to ensure stable operation even in harsh environments. I have used them for outdoor deployments, and I have no worries even in rainy weather conditions.
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19 February 2024
Absolutely excellent product. I ran about 250 ft between buildings in conduit and the pull eyes were great was able to pull the fibre through a cut I made and kept the eye ring intact. What more can you say, one simple cable with no problems 2+ years now.
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