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FS DWDM Long Haul Transmission Network Solution

FS DWDM Long Haul Transmission Network Solution

FS Official 17 Aug, 2018

To effectively increase DWDM network capacity, and ensure good transmission quality over long distance, FS releases FMU DWDM MUX/DEMUX and FMT multiservice products to provide complete solutions which can fit all your applications at the lowest cost.

FMU 40CH DWDM MUX/DEMUX features a high-density design and has a typical insertion loss of 3.0 dB, which is perfect for long-haul transmissions. It has half-U, 1U and 2U rack unit designs. Customise service is approachable in wavelength, port type and package form factor. FMT multiservice products are designed into plug-in line card types which can be used in rack mount units, including cards like OEO, EDFA, DCM, OLP, VOA,which serve to ensure the smooth and low loss signal transmission. Such a design enables plug-and-play operation and gives more possibilities in space-limited data centres.

Through an exclusive software on a computer connected with FMU card on the centralized rack unit, users can monitor the work of each plug-in card and the DWDM network. These complete set of products offer flexible and high density solution. Besides these products, FS also provides FMU CWDM MUX/DEMUX with 4, 8, 18 channels and DWDM MUX DEMUX with 4,16, 96 channels to get you problem solved once and for all.

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