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Could you advise me how the FMT chassis management (I believe it is SNMP only?) is configured with IP details, and how the SNMP can be set up for security?

by L***a on 08/16/2017

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The chassis can be managed by SNMP, you can set the working status through the "Set" command and then obtain the data of the card for monitoring through the "Get" command. Compared with other management methods-Telnet and Web, which are unable to meet the function of monitoring device and only read very simple device information (device model, name, IP address, gateway, submask, etc.) by input device IP address to the computer, our SNMP function is more comprehensive, you can read device information, configurate parameter and so on. by G***n on 08/16/2017

by G***n on 08/16/2017
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