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What is the difference between IPC301-8M-B and IPC304-8M-B cameras?

by M***n on 06/15/2023

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The key distinctions between the two models are as follows: Focal Length: The IPC301-8M-B features a fixed focal length, while the IPC304-8M-B offers a variable focal length. Night Vision: Both cameras support infrared LED night vision. However, the IPC301-8M-B provides night vision monitoring up to 30 meters, whereas the IPC304-8M-B extends this to 50 meters. Intelligent Behavior Detection: The IPC301-8M-B supports people and vehicles classification, along with light and audio alarms. In contrast, the IPC304-8M-B supports face capture for activities such as crossing boundaries, entering/exiting areas, and intrusion detection. Protection Level: IPC301-8M-B supports waterproof and dustproof (IP67); IPC304-8M-B supports waterproof and dustproof (IP67) and anti-vandalism (IK10). by FS.com on 06/15/2023

by FS.com on 06/15/2023