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Hi, we plan to use cable like this one to connect 100G Dell switch to 25G Intel cards. We would like to know the length of the fanout part. Will we be able to connect to 4 stacked 2U servers? At least 2? Is this length standardized?

by P***d on 06/14/2022

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1. When you buy 2m Customized breakout DAC #49617, then the length of the fanout part (25G part) is 2m. 2. We do not know the actual distance from your switch to the server. If they are in the same Rack, 2m is considered enough. To be on the safe side, you can measure the distance before placing your order. 3. The length of our DAC cables is standardized, excluding the length of SFP28 and QSFP28 ports. 4. Please note when placing the order, "100G port with Dell compatible code, 25G ports with Intel compatible code". by FS.com on 06/15/2022

by FS.com on 06/15/2022
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