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Can you tell me how this is stacked: https://www.fs.com/uk/products/108710.html is it through front plane or out the back? What is required to stack them beyond having 2 of them? Just a couple of DAC cables as well?

by L***n on 02/18/2022

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This switch is able to use the 10G, 25G, and 40G ports on the front panel for stacking. Transceivers + patch cables and DAC/AOC Cables are all supported stacking, while it only supports stacking of up to two devices. It should be noted that the port for stacking cannot be slowed down. That is, 10G port stacking should be connected with the 10G transceivers and cables, 25G port with 25G transceiver, 40G port with 40G transceiver. Besides, it's commended that at least two ports be used as stacking links. For example, two 10G ports or two 40G ports. And the 25G ports are special, as long as one 25G port joins the stacking link, the other three 25G ports will also automatically join the stacking link. by FS.com on 02/18/2022

by FS.com on 02/18/2022