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Hi, I am interested in your N8550-32C, but I see that there is an N8560-32C on the front desk that is similar to the previous one. What is the exact difference between these two switches?

by M***n on 01/13/2022

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Thank you for your question. The N8550-32C is a white-box switch, which can be installed with open source systems and shipped with our own FSOS system by default. The N8560-32C switch uses the FSOS system and supports data centre functions such as MLAG, EVPN-VXLAN, REUP, etc. Here are the introductory documents for both switches, which you can read. N8560-32C datasheetN8550-32C datasheet by FS.com on 01/13/2022

by FS.com on 01/13/2022
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