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We actually need about 125ft(38m) between FHD cassettes... but 50m would give us lots of play. What I don't have a grasp on is the Types and what the correct solution is in terms of polarity. I just want the duplex signals out of one cassette to match the duplex signals out of the other. Sometimes we test with Single mode SFPs and sometimes Multimode.... So I want a half and half solution. I need 12 duplex runs of each SM and MM. Any advice?

by A***a on 01/01/2022

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I think you need a connection for two pairs of 24F cassettes, one single mode, one multimode, and the distance between cassettes is about 38m or 50m.The combination is the connection scheme of A cassette + A cable + AF cassette. This connection makes the two A / AF cassette ports connect one-to-one to meet your needs. by E***a on 01/03/2022

by E***a on 01/03/2022
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