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40G Cabling Solutions for Data Centers

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High speed 40G connectivity has gained in much popularity in data centers. There exist two options to make a 40G connection: DACs and AOCs for short reach with reduced cost yet simplified installation and maintenance, or optical transceivers and cables for long reach, enabling more flexibility and reliability. So how to choose? You may find some clues here.

40g qsfp+ optics

DAC & AOC: Link Length 0.5m-50m

DACs are used within the rack to connect servers and storage to ToR switches. Passive DACs can achieve link length up to 7 m, and active DACs can reach 10 m. while AOCs are usually involved in switch to switch connection, for link length up to 50 m.

qsfp+ dac & aoc

DACs and AOCs in FS.COM are available with various lengths and compatible with the major brands like Cisco, HPE and Arista. The lengths and bands of DAC and AOC can be customized, and different brands can be made at each ends.

40g qsfp+ dac & aoc

40GBASE-SR4 and 40GBASE-CSR4: Link Length 50m-400m

When the link length is beyond 50m, 40GBASE-SR4 module is used to make the connection. It can transmit over 100 meters on OM3 or over 150 meters on OM4. For link length less than 400m, 40GBASE-ESR4 module is suggested, along with OM4 MTP/MPO cables.

40gbase-sr4 & csr4

40GBASE-PLRL4/LX4/LR4L: Link Length 400m-2km

40GBASE-PLRL module with MTP/MPO interface can work on single-mode fiber over 1.4 km. 40GBASE-LX4 can operate on both single-mode and multimode fiber, reaching 150 m over OM3/OM4 cable and 2 km over single-mode fiber. Another option is LR4L, with single-mode LC duplex cable, it can get as far as 2 km.

40gbase-plrl4 & lx4 & lr4l

40GBASE-PLR4/LR4/ER4: Link Length 2km-40km

40GBASE-PLR4 and LR4 modules are designed for 10km connection over single-mode fiber, with MTP/MPO and LC duplex respectively. While 40GBASE-ER4 can reach even farther at 40 km with single-mode LC duplex cable.

40gbase-plr4 & lr4 & er4

The MTP/MPO and LC patch cables are available with single-mode and multimode, and cable length, types and jackets can be customized to meet all your cabling needs.

mtp trunk & mtp breakout & lc-lc patch cable

MTP Plenum cable
MTP cable
 40G/100G data center open switches


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QSFP-40G-SR4 Cisco Compatible Module Testing | FS.COM

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