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QSFP+ Universal Transceiver—QSFP-40G-UNIV Tutorial Posted on Jan 22,2017 by FS.COM

There are many challenges faced during data center or network upgrade. How to simplify network management and decrease the cost without affecting the transmission quality is always the hot topic. A lot of data centers and networks upg...

Tags: QSFP-40G-UNIV , Arista universal transceiver , 40G QSFP+
Fusion Splicing Basics for Single Fiber Posted on Jan 22,2017 by FS.COM

Splicing is required to create a continuous path for optical pulses transmission from one fiber length to another. And mechanical splices and fusion splices are the two commonly used splicing methods. Mechanical splices are available ...

Tags: Fiber Optic Splicing , Fusion Splicer , Fusion Splicing
How to Stack Two CWDM Mux/Demux Via Expansion Port? Posted on Jan 22,2017 by FS.COM

Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM) enables carriers to deliver more services over their existing optical fiber infrastructure by combining multiple wavelengths on a single fiber. In a typical CWDM system, a multiplexer (mu...

Tags: CWDM , cwdm mux/demux
Introduction to Fiber Optic Adapter Posted on Jan 22,2017 by FS.COM

How to connect two fiber patch cables together? The answer is fiber optic adapter. Fiber optic adapter is designed to mate or connect two fiber cables with high precision. The connection is achieved by fitting the connectors of two ...

Tags: Fiber Optic Adapter , fiber coupler , fiber optic cable
Tutorial of Horizontal Cable Lacing Bars Posted on Jan 22,2017 by FS.COM

Horizontal cable lacing bars, also called lacer bars or strain relief bars, are usually used to mount to standard EIA 19" racks, reducing strain on horizontal cables connected to a patch panel or device. In this tutorial, we are ...

Tags: Cable Ties , Cable Manager , cable lacing bars
FS.COM Solutions for Good Cable Management Posted on Jan 04,2017 by FS.COM

Cable management is critical to a data center success. Cable mess can arise many problems such as cable damage, poor network performance. It will create more difficulties when you need to upgrade or expand your network. While good cab...

Tags: Cable Manager , Cable Ties
Fiber Optic Transceiver Cleaning Guide Posted on Jan 04,2017 by FS.COM

Fiber optic cleaning is highly recommended for all fiber optic connectors in a data center in order to reduce link failures and unnecessary replacement of expensive and critical network components and equipment. As an important compon...

Tags: SFP , Fiber Optic Cleaning , transceiver modules
Fiber Optic Splice Closure Types And Applications Posted on Jan 04,2017 by FS.COM

For protection against the outside plant environment and damage, splices require placement in a protective case. They are generally placed in a splice tray which is then placed inside a fiber optic splice closure for OSP installations...

Tags: Fiber Optic Splice Closure , Mechanical Seal , Heat Shrinkable Seal
Test Copper Cables With Wire Mapping Tester Posted on Jan 04,2017 by FS.COM

Many copper cables installed today are twisted-pair cables. The number of individual wire connections involved makes the installation and testing process more complicated than for other cable, especially in light of the various standa...

Tags: Cat5e Network Cables , Cat6 Network Cables , Copper Cabling
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