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Enterprise Data Center High Density Cabling Solution

Lighted by FHD Series Products in FS.COM

How Can We Help You Make A High Density Enterprise Data Center?

Across the enterprise, users have never needed—or expected—more from the data center. More speed, lower latency, zero bottlenecks. And having deeply understand the needs of better scalability, flexibility,
manageability, availability and lower total cost of a data center, FS.COM, offers a flexible portfolio of robust and cost-effective copper and fiber infrastructure solutions that fit seamlessly with your infrastructure
now but can easily be migrated to higher speeds in the future. So FS can be your best choice.

FHD Fiber Enclosures

High density centralized management racks easing your work and room.

FHD Fiber Adapter Panels

LC, SC, MTP/MPO and RJ45 adapter for you to choose as you need.

MTP/MPO Patch Cables

HQ patch cords offer the best transmission performance and secure your work.

FHD MTP/MPO-LC Cassettes

Modular design and work together with FHD enclosure to make the cabling optimization.

40G Open Network Switches

To meet next generation Metro, Data Center and Enterprise Ethernet requirements.

40GBASE Transceivers

Create a simple and cost-effective 40GbE networking migration path.

Cat6 Copper Cables

Multi colors and lengths can be cuztomized and passing the Fluke Test.

1U Multifunctional Cable Manager

Running large or small cable bundles with less cable stress in organized way.

Layer 3 Fabric 10G/40G Switches for Networking

40G Spine Switch

It delivers excellent low latency and power efficiency in a PHYless design, while offers high reliability features such as redundant and hot swappable power supplies and
fans in forward and reverse airflow configurations.

S8050-20Q4C(20*40GE+4*100GE) US$ 5500.00

533MHz Freescale CPU | 2.4Tbps Capacity

  • Pluggable redundant power supply and fans

  • Open Debian Linux

  • Support MLAG and VARP

  • Lower Power consumption

  • Support VxLAN/NvGRE

10G Leaf Switch

To meet the next generation Metro, Data Center and Enterprise network requirements, the S5850-48S6Q comes with complete system software with comprehensive
protocols and applications for both traditional L3 networks and Data Center networks.

S5850-48S6Q(48*10GE+6*40GE) US$ 4000.00

533MHz Freescale CPU | 1.44Tbps Capacity

  • Pluggable redundant power supply and fans

  • Open Debian Linux

  • Support MLAG and VARP

  • Lower Power consumption

  • Support VxLAN/NvGRE

40GbE QSFP+ SR4/CSR4 Optics Cabling Connection

All transceivers will be tested on real platforms before shipment to avoid incompatibilities or unpredictable behaviors once the modules are deployed in the field.

QSFP-SR4-40G From US$ 49.00
  • 40G QSFP+ 850nm, 150m

  • MMF cable type

  • Huge Stock & Fast Delivery

  • MTP/MPO interface

  • Lifetime Warranty

FHD Series Products for Premises Cabling

Ultral Insertion Loss And BIF MTP MPO Cable

The MTP/MPO cable assemblies are offered in 12-144 core versions and use a compact and rugged microcable structure. The compact cables optimize cableway usage
and improve airflow.

From US$ 38.00
  • Push/Pull Tab Connectors

  • Bend Insensitive Fiber(Corning Fiber)

  • Ultra Low Insertion Loss( US Conec MTP and Senko MPO)

  • Up to 144 fibers can be customized

FHD Series Fiber Cassettes

FS R&D modular system allows for rapid deployment of high-density data center infrastructure while facilitating trouble shooting and reconfiguration during moves, and
can be deployed in an ODF for higher density main distribution area (MDA) to the equipment distribution area (EDA) in the data center.

From US$ 52.00
  • Plug-Play modular design

  • Low loss male to LC connector type

  • 10G/40G/100G Ethernet Application

  • OS2/OM1/OM2/OM3/OM4

FHD Series Fiber Enclosures

Designed for 19" rack-mount is available for 4pcs FHD series of FAPs or Cassettes, and provides high density flexible system for managing fiber terminations, connections, and
patching in datacenter application to maximizing rack space utilization and minimizing floor space.

From US$ 69.00
  • Modular design for HD solution

  • 1RU up to 96 fibers(Max.)

  • 4RU up to 288 fibers(Max.)

  • Standard Rack installation

  • 2RU up to 192 fibers(Max.)

6-Port Blank Patch Panel for Multimedia Modules

Blank patch panels accepts up to six modules for standard keystone jacks and LC/SC or MTP adapters, which allows customization of installation for multimedia applications
requiring integration of fiber optic cables and copper cables.

From US$ 6.00
  • Plug-Style Panel Lock/Clip

  • High configuration flexibility

  • LC, SC, MTP and RJ45 adapter optional

  • Fit for FHD fiber enclosure and cable management panel

Cable Management Panel

1U Detachable Horizontal Cable Mangement Panel provides multiple choices for your application by being separated into D-rings, Lacer Panel and Lacer Bar. When the Lacer Bar
is removed, it can be combined with chassises or adapter panels to form a new product. With flexible design, this product helps you to achieve a perfect installation effect.

From US$ 8.00
  • Detachable parts

  • Horizental installation

  • Match FHD FAPs

  • SPCC material for strong and sturdy using

Cat6 Ethernet Network Patch Cable

Category 6 copper cable supports speeds up to 10 Gbps over 37-55 meters of cable and 100 meters for slower (the 10/100/1000BASE-T standards) network. It is fully backward
compatible with all the previous categories.

From US$ 1.00
  • Various color for choice


  • PE insulation material used

  • 50-micron gold-plated connetors

  • Connect hubs, switches, routers, DSL/cable modemsels

Cat6 Feed-Through Patch Panel for 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet

With easy installation and top-quality performance, FS high density patch panel is designed for Gigabit Ethernet applications.

From US$ 40.00
  • 24/48 ports, UTP/STP

  • 1U/2U standard rack installation

  • Steel material for strong and sturdy using

  • No punch down required

  • Cable management behind the panels

What Makes FS Stand Out?

  • Best Solutions Provided by Experienced Engineers for Different Applications.

  • Integrated Designed Products Makes Better System Management and Space Saving.

  • The Cost-effective Solution Saves Much Budget in a packet Optical Network.

  • Tailored Packaging & 24 Hours Online Service Eliminates Any After-sale Worries.

How to get more support?

FS.COM focus on data center, enterprise and optical transmission network solution to help you build exactly what you need.
Please contact Tech Support:, or Sales Team: