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16MW 1310nm DFB барашковые Тип Лазерные Диоды
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16MW 1310nm DFB барашковые Тип Лазерные Диоды

FS P/N: DFB-31-16-FS
Стоимость Доставки:
US$  460.00
Наличие: Доступны, Расчетное Время Sun. Dec. 11
Может быть некоторая разница между расчетным временем и фактическим временем.

16MW 1310nm DFB butterfly laser module

DFB butterfly laser module is specialized for adopting the high-quality MQW-DFB chip to meet the requirement of a high-speed, specific-wavelength light transmission system. It can be used for continuous-wave and pulsed applications such as sensing, frequency doubling, light detection and ranging, and injection seeding for fiber amplifiers or lasers.

Fiberstore 16MW 1310nm DFB butterfly laser module produces laser beams with a particular wavelength. It is able to deliver output power of 16MW. The 14-pin butterfly laser module will be supplied with a built-in optical isolator, a monitor photodiode, a thermoelectric cooler, and FC/APC connector and is pigtailed with a polarization-maintaining fiber. The built-in thermoelectric cooler enables the laser device to run stably under various environmental conditions. This series of product has found wide applications in the LAN, WAN, MAN, CATV transmission system, and long distance DMDW transmission system. It also can be used in the stabilized light source, modulated light source, or other communication equipment such as the CATV transmitter.


High linearity high power MQW DFB LD chip Built-in Isolator, TEC, Thermistor and Monitor PD Hermetically sealed 14 Pin Butterfly Package Module Optimized for 2.5 Gb/s Modulation RatesEmission wavelength 1310 nmOutput power 16MWSingle mode FC/APC connector or customizedSinglemode fiber pigtailRoHs compliant


Long reach analog transmission systems CATV forward-path 1310nm broadcast and point-to-point applications
Pin Description
Package Outline:
Order Information
-X 31 X X X X X
Chip Wavelength Insolator Bandwidth Connector Pigtail Length Power Range
D:DFB 31:1310nm S:Single 1:1.25Gb/s 1:FC/APC 5:0.5M 1:2~4mw
B:Dual 2:2.5Gb/s 2:FC/PC 1:1M
W:Without   3:SC/APC   2:5~7mw
    4:SC/PC   3:8~10mw
    5:LC/PC   4:11~13mw
    W:Without   5:14~16mw

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