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Customized Dispersion Compensation Module
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Customized Dispersion Compensation Module


Designed to compensate for a specific amount of dispersion and ideal for decreasing BER of Digital Fiber Optic Links.

Customized Dispersion Compensation Module

Customized Dispersion Compensation Module

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35 reviews
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Compensation Length:
Compact Type:
Installation: Plug-in card type fits in FMT-CH chassis that can be mounted on a rack
US$  650.00
Customized , Ship on Wed. Feb. 28
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Customized Dispersion Compensation

Dispersion is a fiber based physical effect that spreads the optical pulse while it travels down the optical fiber. This effect worsens the signal quality and thus limits the maximum distance you can achieve with your optical system. In order to counter this effect, dispersion compensation modules are typically used.

Three different technology types (DCF, FBG, GT) can be customized to meet specific application needs.
Product Details
Compensated Length 10-140km Wavelength C-Band & L-Band
PDL 0.1dB max Relative Humidity(non-condensing)5% ~ 95%
Housing Plug-in module/1U 19'' rack mount Connector LC/SC/FC, UPC/APC polish
Operating Temperature –5°C ~ 55°C Storage Temperature –40°C ~ 85°C

Product Highlights


FS.COM provides different housing options for customized DCM. As a part of multi-service transport system, hot-swappable plug-in DCM card and TDCM are available for 1U/2U/4U chassis.

Customized OTN System 

High Dispersion Compensation Technology for DWDM System

Here are three different technologies to meet your needs as shown below.

Customized OTN System 
High Dispersion Compensation Technology for DWDM System

Design DCM Perfectly Tailored to Your Needs

Customized specifications are available upon request.

Customized OTN System 
Design DCM Perfectly Tailored to Your Needs
Questions & Answers

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  • Q:

    How to know the compensation length for my link? What is the math for that? By Karnes on December 06, 2017


    You can use the following method to calculate the compensation length, as a reference to select the DCM you need. The link distance minus the transmission distance of the optical module is the minimum compensation distance, on this basis need to add 20km to ensure enough compensation. For example, if the transmission span is 135km, the compensation length is 75km (135km - 80km + 20km = 75km), which means you can choose a DCM whose compensating length is 80km. By FS.COM on December 06, 2017

  • Q:

    What information should be submitted to locate the accurate DCM? By Elmarthur on November 16, 2017


    Compensated length, utilized position, insertion loss and type of housing need to be comfirmed. By FS.COM on November 16, 2017

  • Q:

    Is it possible to choose other compensating distance? By Ruff on August 08, 2017


    Yes, we can provide you a variety of customized products, including different compensation lengths (10km~140km), different technology types(DCF, FBG and Gires-Tournois), different connectors (LC/SC/FC, UPC/APC polish) as well as different types of housing (plug-in card type or 1U 19" rack mount). By FS.COM on August 08, 2017

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