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160 fibers 8x MTP-20 to LC/UPC 10G OM3 2U Ultra Density 100GB CFP Breakout Patch Panel Flat, MTP Male Elite IL 0.35dB, Polarity A
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160 fibers 8x MTP-20 to LC/UPC 10G OM3 2U Ultra Density 100GB CFP Breakout Patch Panel Flat, MTP Male Elite IL 0.35dB, Polarity A


Ultra HD high density cassette designed for 10G Ethernet, 40G/100G migration network, fiber channel and high end data center.

Shipping Cost:
US$  89.00 to United States Via FedEx
US$  1,300.00
Availability: Available, Estimated on Sat. Oct. 8
There may be some difference between the estimated time and the actual time.
100GBASE-SR10 to 10GBASE-SR Breakout Panel 2RU Rack-Mount, 80x LC Duplex, 8x MTP Elite (0.35dB IL), 10Gig OM3
The high density 100GBASE-SR10 Breakout panel is designed to connect our 100GBASE-SR10 ports with MTP fiber cable to the back of the panel and then this breaks out as 80x10GE on the front with LC fiber cable. Our 100GBASE-SR10 breakout panel logically groups the ports in 10 duplex LC ports, and is available for Singlemode or Multimode applications. All breakout panels are 100% tested to Telcordia standards, serialized and shipped with test data.

Part Number HD-CFP-OM3-8MTPLC-LA Vendor Fiberstore
Front Adapter Type LC Duplex Rear Adapter Type MTP
Front Port Count 8 Rear Port Count 8
Front Port Fiber Count 8*20/Quad Rear Port Fiber Count 24
Total Fiber Count 160 Operating Temperature -20~+60℃
Polarity Type A-Straight Through Storage Temperature -40~+70℃
Fiber Optic Type Multimode OM3,OM4 or SM Dimensions 88mm x 482mm x 332mm

High density format provides 160 ports / 80 duplex in 2 RU ( 3.5”) Singlemode or Multimode with color coded adapters Can be located in the same rack as the switches or closer to the network elements, eliminating additional connections Provide high fiber count distribution in a small form assembly, get the fastest bandwidth and greater connectivity in half the space
Rear facing inputs for 8 MTP connections with integrated cable management Compactly interconnect network hardware, reducing the footprint of the system Simplify your high performance cable routing in a finished, professional manner, increasing cable capacity in less rack space
Mechanical Drawing
Neat, a cassette breakout type design, but integrated into a single high density 2U.
Part NumberID No.Description
FLG-1UFMX#310331RU LGX Fiber Enclosure, 72 Fibers, holds up to 3 LGX Cassettes 44mm(H)x431mm(W)x245mm(D)download
FLG-4U#310344RU LGX Fiber Enclosure, 288 Fibers, holds up to 12 LGX Cassettes 174mm(H)x431.5mm(W)x400mm(D)download
FHD-1UFCE#516071RU Slide-Out Fiber Enclosure, 96 Fibers, holds up to 4x FAPs or 4x HD MPO/MTP Cassettes 44.4mm(H)x483mm(W)x457.8mm(D)download
FHD-1UFCEA#516091RU Slide-Out Fiber Enclosure, 96 Fibers, holds up to 4x FAPs or 4x HD MPO/MTP Cassettes 43.9mm(H)x447mm(W)x414mm(D)download
FHD-2UFCE#516102RU Slide-Out Fiber Enclosure, 192 Fibers, holds up to 8x FAPs or 8x HD MPO/MTP Cassettes 88.4mm(H)x447mm(W)x414mm(D)download
FHD-4UFCE#516114RU Slide-Out Fiber Enclosure, 288 Fibers, holds up to 12x FAPs or 12x HD MPO/MTP Cassettes 177mm(H)x447mm(W)x414mm(D)download
FHD-1UFRME#516181RU Slide-Out Fiber Enclosure, 72 Fibers, holds up to 3x FAPs or 2 Fiber Splice Tray Module 44mm(H)x432mm(W)x361mm(D)download
FHD-2UFRME#516162RU Slide-Out Fiber Enclosure, 144 Fibers, holds up to 6x FAPs or 2 Fiber Splice Tray Module 88mm(H)x432mm(W)x361mm(D)download
FHD-3UFRME#516153RU Slide-Out Fiber Enclosure, 216 Fibers, holds up to 9x FAPs 127mm(H)x433.3mm(W)x292.1mm(D)download
FHD-4UFRME#346954RU Slide-Out Fiber Enclosure, 288 Fibers, holds up to 12x FAPs 168.1mm(H)x433.3mm(W)x292.1mm(D)download
FHD-1UFMT#346841RU Fiber Enclosure, 96 Fibers, holds up to 4 FAPs or 4 HD MTP MPO Cassette 44.4mm(H)x433.2mm(W)x283.5(D)mmdownload
FHD-2UFMT#516122RU Fiber Enclosure, 196 Fibers, holds up to 8 FAPs or 8 HD MTP MPO Cassette 88.3mm(H)x433.2mm(W)x283.5(D)mmdownload
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Ian August 15,2016
Quick shipment, well packed, excellent communication, and just as described.
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Aleknavides May 18,2016
Great service and price as always.Way to go Fiberstore!
Problem with this review? (0) (0)
tomderts February 10,2016
We are so pleased with the prompt service. I would definitely recommend this product.
Problem with this review? (0) (0)
ab564gh January 28,2016
the package was well wrapped and the product is clean and excellent condition
Problem with this review? (0) (0)
whis3 December 2,2015
Promptly shipped on a Sunday. Arrived one day before initially advertised.
Problem with this review? (0) (0)
agnelici October 21,2015
the price and delivery from Fiberstore should be a lesson to retail in how to do business. their delivery made me question whether they are psychic. it is like they knew what I was going to order and when. 2 day shipping would be unbelievable, except that is what happened here.
Problem with this review? (0) (0)
p_m564t July 21,2015
I love how fast shipping was and how quickly I got my things. I got a wonderful product and payed and awesome price for it! I will definitely buy from them again!
Problem with this review? (0) (0)
vp64 March 3,2015
I love your products, thanks
Problem with this review? (0) (0)
writeba_12 February 5,2015
Really apreciated the quick and trouble free service. Will shop here again. Thanks.
Problem with this review? (0) (0)
wobeenuge January 14,2015
Quick and efficient company
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