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14dBm Output C-band 40 Channels 26dB Gain Pre-Amplifier EDFA for DWDM Networks
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14dBm Output C-band 40 Channels 26dB Gain Pre-Amplifier EDFA for DWDM Networks


Provide high gain, high reliability, and superior optical performance. Ideal for today's highly dynamic networks and cost-sensitive market.

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DWDM EDFA 40 channels Optical Pre-Amplifier
Due to attenuation, there are limits to how long a fiber segment can propagate a signal with integrty before it has to be regenerated. The optical amplifier has made it possible to amplify all the wavelengths at once and without optical-electricla-optical(OEO) conversion. Optical amplifiers are an essential component in metro, regional and long haul optical networks.
A Pre-Amplifier EDFA is a high-gain module for amplifiying low input level signals that operates at the receiving end of an optical link.
It is designed for optical amplification to compensate for losses in a demultiplexer located near the optical receiver and thus provide improvement in the receiver sensitivity.
Product features

Gain - 26dB Output power - 14dBm Input power - -36dBm to -12dBm Support any bit rate and signal format Typically used at the end of the transmission link AGC(automatic gain control) maintains constant gain Carries whole C-Band 1528nm ~ 1561nm of 40 channels
LC/UPC connector 19” 1RU rack enclosure Support Telnet & SNMP Dual 220VAC/-48VDC power supply Compatible with Telecordia GR-1312-CORE Low noise figure suitable for long haul applications Perfect Network Interface - Ethernet, RS-485 and RS-232 port
Pre-amplifier for 10 Gbps Point-to-Point Connections up to 120 km
DWDM systems with amplifiers are used when building long-distance backbone networks and metropolitan area networks or metro networks.
Up to 120 km can be accomplished in a point-to- point connection by using 14dB pre-amplifier and DCM(40km) at the end of the line.
Types of EDFA-Amplifiers
EDFA optical amplifiers, used extensively in fiber optic data links, can ensure recovery of the signal weakened by the optical fiber. There are three types of EDFA-amplifiers that can be used to enhance the performance of optical data links.
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