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2*6mW SBS Tunable 1550nm External Modulation 45-870 MHz CATV Optical Transmitter
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2*6mW SBS Tunable 1550nm External Modulation 45-870 MHz CATV Optical Transmitter

2*6mW SBS Tunable 1550nm External Modulation 45-870 MHz CATV Optical Transmitter

2*6mW SBS Tunable 1550nm External Modulation 45-870 MHz CATV Optical Transmitter

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FS P/N: SEMT-55TX-06
US$  6,200.00
Availability: Customized , Estimated on Sun. Jan. 28
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2×6mW SBS Tunable 1550nm External Modulation CATV Optical Transmitter

External Modulation Optical Transmitter is designed for analog CATV system, it has highest cost performance in CATV long haul, Large distribution networks. Nonlinear effect, especial CSO, in analog LiNbO3 modulation is ensured by unique Auto Bias Control circuit (ABC), employing PLL tracking.

Employing chirp effect to co-operate SPM effect to suppress SBS, make the contradiction of SBS with dispersion get to minimum, and the threshold of SBS can up to 20dBm. Excellent flatness, return loss, etc, is given by exact match on RF circuit. And, professional pre-distortion circuit for LiNbO3 modulator make the best CTB. Better stability and shorter MTTR is brought by redundancy hot swap power designing. It has been Excellent Network management performance by SNMP and Telnet.

Excellent Transmission performance index Perfect SBS Control: Chirp and SPM both ITU-T wavelength is optional and adjustable Used for DWDM system and dispersion compensation Wide range RF control technique: Optional AGC, MGCStandard 45MHz~860MHz bandwidth, digital TV compatible
High Power Distribution Networks High Performance Supertrunking LinksRedundant Ring ArchitecturesDWDM Node SplittingVideo Optical transmissionAnalog, Digital CATV Long-haul system
Working Guidance
Parameter Unit Min Typ Max Notes
Wavelength nm 1545 1550 1560 Optional, Adjustable
SMSR dB 30 ---- ----  
Output Power mW 5 7 10 Dual out port, optional
RIN dBc/Hz ---- -160 -155  
Return Loss  dB  45 ---- ----  
Band width MHz 45 ---- 860  
Input RF Level dBuV 80 85 90  
Flatness dB ---- ---- ±0.75  
Return Loss dB 16 ---- ---- 45~550M>16
AGC Dynamic Range dB -6 ---- 3  
Test Port Level dB -22 -20 -18 Relative Input Port
Test Port Flatness dB ---- ---- 2  
Test Port Return Loss dB 12 ---- ----  
SBS dBm 13 ---- 19 Adjustable
System Index (65km+16dBm EDFA, PAL-D 59)
CNR dB  52 ---- ----  
CSO dBc 65 ---- ----  
CTB dBc 65 ---- ----  
Environment Performance
Operation Voltage VAC/VDC 94/-36 220/-48 264/-72 AC / DC is optional
Power Consumption W ---- 30 35  
Operation Temperature °C -5 ---- 55  
Storage Temperature °C -40 ---- 80  
Operation Humidity % 20 ---- 80 No condensation
Storage Humidity % 10 ---- 90  
Ordering Information
Category Application Structure Config Power Voltage Voltage 2 Connector SNMP
External Modulation
Optical Transmitter
1: CATV 1: 1U  1: Economy
2: General
3: High End
5: dBm
1: 110VAC
2: 220VAC
3: 110~220VAC
4: -48VDC
9: other
1: 110VAC
2: 220VAC
3: 110~220VAC
4: -48VDC
5: +5V
0: None

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