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48 Fibers 1U Rackmount Fiber Enclosure, loaded with 4 FAPs 6x Duplex SC/UPC 10G OM3
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48 Fibers 1U Rackmount Fiber Enclosure, loaded with 4 FAPs 6x Duplex SC/UPC 10G OM3


Mount With fiber Adapter patch panel to hold up to four Cassettes, FAP, and FMP Adapter panels

Shipping Cost:
US$  89.00 to United States Via FedEx
US$  66.00
Availability: Available, Estimated on Fri. Oct. 7
There may be some difference between the estimated time and the actual time.
4 Units of 6x Duplex SC/UPC 10G OM3 Fiber Adapter Panels Loaded in 1RU Rack Mount
The rack mount fiber tray and fiber adapter patch panels shall house, organize, manage and protect fiber optic cable, Fiberstore offers 1RU Rack Mount Fiber Optical Tray with 4 slots FAPs, which provides a comprehensive line of fiber distribution enclosures that provide a flexible and modular system for managing fiber terminations, connections, and patching in all applications. The enclosures provide the highest fiber densities and port counts in the industry contributing to maximizing rack space utilization and minimizing floor space. Fiberstore provides a durability enclosure as a perfect solution for the termination and distribution of Fiber for the professional.

Part NunmberFHD-4FAP12SCDOM4-MT1Vendor NameFiberstore
Fiber Count48ConnectorSC UPC Duplex (24pcs)
Fiber TypeOM3 50/125μmRack MountFully-loaded 4units Fiber Adapter Panel
InstallationStandard EIA 19 " Rack RailsDimensions44.4mm x 433.3mm x 283.5mm

Mount to standard EIA 19 " rack rails Steel construction with Black Powder Coating Meet or exceed TIA/EIA-568-C.3 requirements Assures flexibility and ease of network deployment and moves, adds, and changes
Latching options front and rear panelsProvides a complete system solution for connectivityProvide higher patch field density in fewer rack units saving valuable space
Drawing and Dimension(Inch & mm)
Part NumberID No.Description
FLG-1UFMX#310331RU LGX Fiber Enclosure, 72 Fibers, holds up to 3 LGX Cassettes 44mm(H)x431mm(W)x245mm(D)download
FLG-4U#310344RU LGX Fiber Enclosure, 288 Fibers, holds up to 12 LGX Cassettes 174mm(H)x431.5mm(W)x400mm(D)download
FHD-1UFCE#516071RU Slide-Out Fiber Enclosure, 96 Fibers, holds up to 4x FAPs or 4x HD MPO/MTP Cassettes 44.4mm(H)x483mm(W)x457.8mm(D)download
FHD-1UFCEA#516091RU Slide-Out Fiber Enclosure, 96 Fibers, holds up to 4x FAPs or 4x HD MPO/MTP Cassettes 43.9mm(H)x447mm(W)x414mm(D)download
FHD-2UFCE#516102RU Slide-Out Fiber Enclosure, 192 Fibers, holds up to 8x FAPs or 8x HD MPO/MTP Cassettes 88.4mm(H)x447mm(W)x414mm(D)download
FHD-4UFCE#516114RU Slide-Out Fiber Enclosure, 288 Fibers, holds up to 12x FAPs or 12x HD MPO/MTP Cassettes 177mm(H)x447mm(W)x414mm(D)download
FHD-1UFRME#516181RU Slide-Out Fiber Enclosure, 72 Fibers, holds up to 3x FAPs or 2 Fiber Splice Tray Module 44mm(H)x432mm(W)x361mm(D)download
FHD-2UFRME#516162RU Slide-Out Fiber Enclosure, 144 Fibers, holds up to 6x FAPs or 2 Fiber Splice Tray Module 88mm(H)x432mm(W)x361mm(D)download
FHD-3UFRME#516153RU Slide-Out Fiber Enclosure, 216 Fibers, holds up to 9x FAPs 127mm(H)x433.3mm(W)x292.1mm(D)download
FHD-4UFRME#346954RU Slide-Out Fiber Enclosure, 288 Fibers, holds up to 12x FAPs 168.1mm(H)x433.3mm(W)x292.1mm(D)download
FHD-1UFMT#346841RU Fiber Enclosure, 96 Fibers, holds up to 4 FAPs or 4 HD MTP MPO Cassette 44.4mm(H)x433.2mm(W)x283.5(D)mmdownload
FHD-2UFMT#516122RU Fiber Enclosure, 196 Fibers, holds up to 8 FAPs or 8 HD MTP MPO Cassette 88.3mm(H)x433.2mm(W)x283.5(D)mmdownload
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James43454 August 5,2016
Great service. Had a few questions. their service rep was friendly and answered my questions quickly and professionally. Will use them again!
Problem with this review? (0) (0)
Nicholas July 26,2016
The Fiberstore staff is always friendly and professional. They really know the resale value of equipment. I should know because I always comparison shop. You can't go wrong with Fiberstore.
Problem with this review? (0) (0)
rslly May 22,2016
Good price and does what it is supposed to!
Problem with this review? (0) (0)
shun89 May 17,2016
Works exactly as it should. Not much to go wrong.
Problem with this review? (0) (0)
firec726 April 30,2016
as advertised. no complaints.
Problem with this review? (0) (0)
ssdsigns November 20,2015
Very good quality affordable product. You don't need to spends tons on monster products to get the best results.
Problem with this review? (0) (0)
zrymnd October 19,2015
Very functional at a great price
Problem with this review? (0) (0)
fatharrar September 30,2015
I've become quite a big fan of Fiberstore products. I have bought several products that work perfectly. Very happy with my purchase.
Problem with this review? (0) (0)
hrsins65 August 17,2015
Worked great, came cheap. What more can I ask for?
Problem with this review? (0) (0)
dennbery August 15,2015
excellent service. will deal with these folks again
Problem with this review? (0) (0)
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