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1x2 1310nm P grade Polarization Beam Combiner/Splitter (PBC/PBS)
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1x2 1310nm P grade Polarization Beam Combiner/Splitter (PBC/PBS)

FS P/N: PBC-1310P3-210-1x2
Cable length could be customized in any length such as 0.5m, 0.8m,1.5m,ect. Please contact us by email to
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1x2 Polarization Beam Combiner/Splitter (PBC/PBS)
The Polarization Beam Combiner/Splitter (PBC/S)can be used either as a polarization beam combiner to combine light beams from two PM input fibers into a single output fiber, or as a polarization beam splitter to split light from an input fiber into two output fibers of orthogonal polarization states. It is widely used in EDFA, raman amplifier, fiber sensor, coherent, telecommunications systems. Polarization mode dispersion compensator.
Low Insertion LossHigh Stability and ReliabilityHigh Reliability&StabilityCompact PackageHigh Extinction RatioEpoxy-Free Optical PathCost Effective1 M Jacketed Fiber on Each Leg980, 1064, 1310, 1480, and 1550 nm Operating Wavelengths
Mechanical Dimensions(mm)

EDFA & Raman AmplifierFiber Sensor SystemCoherent Telecommunication SystemsPolarization Mode Dispersion CompensatorPolarization Division Mux/DemuxFiber Laser SystemR&D LaboratoriesInstruments
Ordering Information
PBS Wavelength Grade Fiber Type for Port 3 Pigtail Type Length Connector
  1064=1064nm P=P grade 1=SMF-28e 1=250um bare fiber H=0.5m 0=None
1310=1310nm A=A grade 2=HI 1060 2=900um loose tube 8=0.8m 1=FC/UPC
1450=1450nm   3=PM Fiber, Slow Axis Align to Port 1 3=3mm Cable 1=1.0m 2=FC/APC
1480=1480nm 4=PM Fiber, Slow Axis Align 45° to Port 1 4=2mm Cable 5=1.5m 3=SC/APC
1550=1550nm S=PM Fiber, Port 1 Fast Axis Align to Port 3 Fast Axis,Port 2 Fast Axis Align to Port 3 Slow Axis 5=400um bare fiber A=1.2m 4=SC/UPC
1040=1040nm   B=0.75m 6=LC/UPC
1030=1030nm   7=LC/APC
1060=1060nm C=0.5m for input Port 3;0.8m for output Port1,2 A=LC/UPC for port3,SC/UPC for port1&2
    B=SC/UPC on input,SC/APC on outputs
C=LC/UPC on input,SC/APC on outputs
if you have any requirement for it.,Please contact us by email to or call at +1-425-226-2035
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