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Pre-terminated Copper Trunk Cables Solution

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Pre-terminated copper trunk cables are ideal solutions for data centers and applications where speed of installation is important. Data center managers can make changes on the fly based on rapid network growth and migration, business decisions, or shifting requirements.

pre-terminated copper trunk cable vs. copper patch cable

Direct Connect Scenario

For general data center cabling, copper trunk cables are used to make a permanent link between patch panels on each ends—one end is in a switch/network cabinet, and the other end is in a server/storage cabinet. And patch cords are usually used to interconnect the active equipment such as switches, servers, etc.

pre-terminated copper trunk cable direct connect scenario

Cross Connect Scenario

In cross-connect cabling configuration, two copper trunk cables are used as two permanent links. One runs from the switch/network cabinet panel to cross-connect panel, and the other one runs from cross connect panel to the panel in the server/storage cabinet. Copper patch cords are used to interconnect the active equipment and patch panels at the switch/network cabinet, cross-connect cabinet, and server/storage cabinet.

pre-terminated copper trunk cable cross connect scenario

FS Pre-terminated Copper Trunk Cables Solution

FS provides various types of pre-terminated copper trunk cables including cat5e, cat6 and cat6a trunk cables or Jack to Jack, Jack to Plug, Plug to Plug trunk cables, etc. In addition, we also offer custom service for your special requirements.

FS pre-terminated copper trunk cable custom information

Most of our pre-terminated copper trunk cables are in stock and you can enjoy same-day shipping.

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